Fruitless Pursuits

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For the past several months, I’ve been keeping busy, more or less. I’m trying to learn French (still not very good at it right now). Also, I’ve been reading some histories of Japan, China, and now, Persia. They’re quite interesting, and they’ve been filling in the gaps of what I never learned in school.

Mental health-wise, stuff hasn’t been going well. I don’t have much confidence in my doc or my therapist. They’re decent enough people. But for purposes of my mental health, they’re not so good. It’s gotten to the point where no treatment might be better off for me than what they’re doing.

At any rate, I’ve also picked up a book on the lives of Medieval soldiers. The topic interested me, as it covers not just the guys in armor, riding around on horses. It covers semi-professional men-at-arms, villagers pressed into service, and even warrior clergy and women.