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Image courtesy of Stockvault.

A lot of things have been fraying my nerves lately, generating a fatigue that probably isn’t healthy. My current habits online are dramatically different than they were even a year ago. My habits IRL have also changed, involving more things that show I’m not making progress like I should be with my mental health.

Standing up for yourself takes effort.
I don’t look for things to disagree with, as they have a very uncanny ability to find me whether I like it or not. Unsubscribing to religious teachings – the kind that I’m around here in the South – necessarily involves a process of establishing healthy boundaries with people. These two things, when taken together, means that in order to promote a healthy life outside of faith, one is invariably going to disagree with the faithful on necessary principles.

Naturally, there is this part of me that can still hear the usual criticisms of Christians who want to subdue people who refuse to be agreeable. The focus changes as to why there’s disagreement to having disagreement itself. People who wish to assert their own agency and take responsibility for themselves are simply being willful, sinful beings who improperly wish to hear THE TRUTH(TM).

This process is an automatic one in evangelical circles. To be sure, it makes sense from their perspective. People are social animals, and so we actually do try to find ways to get along with the group. It’s just that in this case, the group wants me to believe things it can’t substantiate. Oh, and it wants to feed depressive thinking to dangerous levels.

And yeah, it sometimes makes me angry.
It’s taken a lot for me to accept the fact that a person’s decision to believe that singing at walls or talking to their food will help them out in life (and kill bacteria that survived the cooking process) really belongs to themselves, and that I should let them figure that stuff out on their own. Since it’s what I’d like from them, there is a certain moral symmetry to it. At the end of the day, the person you have to live with is yourself.

All of that gets thrown out the window when they start exhorting people to live their lives a certain way for no other reason than they believe their right and everyone else is wrong. And then they get hurt in the butt when you point out their special beliefs have no bearing on the rightness of their position. The retreat to just wearing people down is yet another sickening tactic in a long list of sickening tactics.

Sometimes, you just have to stop and catch your breath.
That’s really where I’m at right now. I’m tired of arguing about the existence of deities or other random crap like that. There are real problems facing real people that actually exist, and I don’t want to ignore them. But one cannot run all the time, and intellectually it’s no different.

I just wish that there were places that served more punch and cookies, because I could use that right now.

24 thoughts on “Fatigue

  1. I’m tired of arguing about the existence of deities or other random crap like that.

    How about just saying … “Whatever” and walking away. Yes?


    • Admittedly, it’s not just the arguments that are getting to me. It’s the constant church signs, people thanking their deity in the news…all the indications of privilege. I don’t actually get into very many arguments about atheism or the existence of deities anymore.

      I suppose a more accurate way for me to put it is that I’m constantly reminded of how present Christianity is in society, and I can’t seem to get away from that.

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      • OK, I hear you now. I think we all grow weary of this … and the most frustrating part is we can do nothing about it. FFRF tries, but even they often end up butting their heads against a wall. Too bad we don’t have rose-colored glasses similar to what many Christians wear. 😉


      • I can’t get over how Americans publicly thank God for practically every success imaginable. This is especially noticeable in sports where God is usually the first to be thanked. Please tell me how God chooses which team/individual to win and which to loose? Does he have favourites that are given a helping hand, or does he to a coin to be less biased?

        But we hear the same thing at movie awards, at election results, and even from survivors of accidents or natural disasters, ignoring all those less fortunate. To be honest, watching such comments in almost every news item from America makes me want tell obscenities at the TV.

        SB, if I can feel that way from this distance, I can only imagine what you are having to put up with. I’d find such an environment as you have often eloquently described to be oppressive, and I’d be looking for kinder pastures. All the best SB.

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      • On top of that, imagine this Barry. Christian music playing at the dentist’s office, at the Gym, and in all public areas. That would do it for me. :(. (I can’t say that’s what it’s like where SB is, but I know that other bloggers complain about this in the Bible Belt)
        Mind, I’m sure some bloggers would be put off at our local discount store, where old-style country music is usually playing when you go in. . . Ha, ha. . Hubby grins when he hears Hank Williams (Sr). ..

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      • I haven’t spent a lot of time in America, and I haven’t been to the Bible belt, but the ever present references to God, and the constant reminders to “have a nice day” are more than this Kiwi can manage for more than a week at a time.


  2. Another reason I moved (out of the belt). And not one time has anyone asked, “Do you have a home church?” Nor have they asked me to go to church with them. Too many of my old friends are evangelicals (or almost) and I try not to say what I think. Really, it is none of their business. But oh ‘howdy!’ how much I relate to what you said.

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    • I long for the days when nobody can relate to what I say about this stuff. Recently, non-religious people have grown in numbers to form about as large a section of the U.S. population as evangelicals. Maybe it could happen.

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    • I try to laugh at the church signs, but lately some of them are pretty awful. There’s one church I drive by on my way to Freethought meetings, and it had a threat to its members to pay their tithes. Because that’s more important than feeding your kids.

      At any rate, I need to become a rich author soon so I can travel. I will take you up on having that beer. If you like, I could bring something from here. However, I do enjoy trying local beers from around the world. I just hope I can survive witnessing the miracle of tea growing out of the ground.


  3. I wish you well. Be yourself and from your posts I know you are a decent guy. I feel that sometimes I take too many problem monkeys to my own shoulders from the surroundings around me. I have to remind myself not to let those problem monkeys cling to me, and instead I have to find a way to leave them where I find them, and to get them to take a few that I picked up elsewhere. I have no words of wisdom on how to do that as it is different for each person. I do wish you as few problem monkeys as possible. Be well, be happy, many hugs

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