Is It December Yet?

I’m still mired deep in the throes of NaNoWriMo this month, which explains why I haven’t been posting anything here at all lately. The other problem is that I’m 40k words into the challenge, which puts me in that sweet spot of being able to finish in a few days, but still far enough away that it will suck. And the other weird thing is that the story is coming along nicely, but for whatever reason I keep avoiding applying myself and getting it done.

My whole goal for this was to have a manuscript to work on and fuss over while I put the finishing touches on my science fiction dystopian novel (which, considering recent events, I’m also thinking about revising at least slightly again). That way, when I have to go work on selling my stuff, I can still feel like a writer. All of this involves publishing under my actual name, which means I won’t be doing any of that advertising here.

At any rate, I’m really hoping it becomes December soon. This past month has been rough on top of the whole novel writing thing. Hopefully when I turn the calendar, I can look forward to new stuff and try to let the bad stuff fade into the past.

Some of the new stuff I’m looking forward to is trying to cross-post some short fiction onto some subreddits, working on ways to promote my book when it gets done, going to a writer’s group, and maybe even seeing an income that’s greater than zero. Some stuff I’m not looking forward to is not having health insurance next year, figuring out how to promote my work without panicking, and trying not to get overwhelmed by being around people.