Sexism, Politics, and Voting For Hillary

One of the most difficult things I’ve been having to grapple with lately is the fact that my parents are going to vote for Trump. They’re not voting for him in protest, or voting for him because they even like him. They’re voting for him because he represents a party platform.

A platform he himself hasn’t always talked about.

The thing that sticks with me the most is that they’re also justifying it because he’s not Hillary Clinton.

Why is that even a bad thing?
That’s the question I’ve been asking myself repeatedly over the past year and a half. Back when Bernie Sanders was running, Hillary was too far to the right to be a good candidate. Her response to the problem was to actually take on some of Mr. Sanders’s policies, carrying them with her into the general election. The result was a ton of Sanders supporters calling her a corporate shill.

On the other side of the equation, you have people calling Ms. Clinton crooked and a fraud. She’s a liar, with a track record of lying (but not getting caught). As many times as she’s had her words gone over in the past three decades (that’s thirty years), she’s never been convicted for being untruthful. What’s worse is that her truthfulness is being held as reprehensible while her chief opponent is currently on trial for fraud.

All of this ignores the most glaring fact that nobody has seized upon in the last few months: Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate running for election. Nobody talks about it because for whatever reason it’s seen as embarrassing or besides the point. People just don’t like her, regardless of any relevant fact to the contrary.

Where have I encountered that before?
And it’s not just in religious circles. I’ve watched atheist white male YouTubers talk shit about Ms. Clinton that’s not only false, but completely irrelevant to any facts in existence. I’ve read articles apologizing for Ms. Clinton’s candidacy. I’ve even had to resort to placating people to get them to at least admit that despite their misgivings, she’s more qualified to be President than the guy she’s looking to replace.

That’s right, this is probably the first election in U.S. history where a candidate has more experience than an outgoing sitting President in governing our country. Even George Washington can’t claim that. But we don’t hear much about it, because it contradicts information people already believe but have no justification for.

Why is this happening?
For the longest damn time, I’ve wanted to say it’s because Ms. Clinton is a known target to the GOP. Certainly that has not done her any favors. But I’ve also been having to ask myself if this wouldn’t be happening if she was Ms. Smith, Jones, or whatever other last name anyone can think of. That said, I can’t ignore the fact that part of it is because she’s a woman.

The reason I say this is because it’s too easily ignored. I have seen video after video of pundits giving shitty advice to Ms. Clinton (“smile more,” anyone?) that never gets thrown a guy’s way. Whenever people do get called out on it, they clutch their fucking pearls and say, “I declare, that is not what I meant!” And then it gets forgotten. The only problem is that it happens again moments later. You cannot fart without hitting someone making excuses for treating a female candidate one way and a male candidate another.

…and then watch as the ideas in this post get dismissed as besides some insipid point.
That’s actually why I haven’t written about this before. I am tired of seeing this get dismissed as not a problem. Even if Ms. Clinton wins the election, this problem won’t go away. It seems cruel, because there are going to be people who will claim this whole election wasn’t riddled with sexism when she wins.

I just want this post to exist so I can tell the relevant people to go fuck themselves when it happens.

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  1. Andy Borowitz, from the New Yorker, wrote:

    “We’ve made so much progress in this country that a woman with forty years of public service can actually dream of narrowly defeating a man with no experience whatsoever.”


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    • I’m hoping it’s not a narrow defeat. But then I see stuff coming in from Five Thirty Eight, and I reel at seeing how Clinton’s in a worse position than Obama. There’s no rational explanation for it. Personally, she should have beat Obama back in 2008.

      The only silver lining here is that after four years of a Clinton presidency, it might change things for the better. But a darker lining is that it won’t change anything no matter what she does. That’s what I’m worried about.

      I’ve wanted to rant about this for a while, and I’m not a woman. How does any woman get through a day not choking someone?

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      • SB, you comment reminded me of another quote:

        “Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” ~Clare Boothe Luce

        I agree, there’s significant potential for progressive change, but that will all depend on what happens in Congress. If Clinton is elected, and Congress stays the same, nothing will change or could get worse because the GOP will focus most of their attention and a huge chunk of taxpayers money on undermining her and progress. If Trump is elected and Congress remains the same, well, I’m leaving the country.

        I read an interesting article on Nov. 1st showing evidence that hostility towards women was the strongest predictor of Trump support — more strongly than authoritarian attitudes and about as well as racial prejudice.

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      • Thanks for the link, Victoria.

        One of the reasons I think Clinton is a better candidate than Obama is that she knows how to forcibly break gridlock. Back in the 90’s, Congress officials that didn’t play ball got into many scandals that forced them to resign. That’s basic Southern politics, and Ms. Clinton is an expert at it.

        In this case, it’s not a bad thing. People ought to get thrown out of office who will not conduct the public’s business. Who knows, this might even be why some GOP veterans don’t want her elected.

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  2. Great last line 🙂

    I have to agree, too. Clinton is getting a truly bum wrap here, especially in this continued hype about “both candidates are apalling.”

    No. No, no, no, no. One candidate is apalling. The other has worked in the public sphere (trying to do good, mostly) for most of her adult life. Conflating the two is absurd.

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    • I can’t see America electing a woman president unless all the candidates are women or the men are utter morons. Oh but wait … Here we have someone with trial dates set for rape and fraud and people still thinking about voting for him and making the email story the biggest corruption case of the century. Beyond me.

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      • This whole email thing is a witch hunt. Admittedly having a personal server in her home wasn’t the right thing to do. But we have now gone from hearings about the Benghazi attacks, to investigations into the fact that she had a personal server, and now into investigations into the finances of The Clinton Foundation. The GOP powers that be will stop at nothing to find something, anything, to try to bring her to charges. If you put someone under that kind of a microscope you’re bound to find something, even the tiniest thing, to hold against them.

        I’d like to see emails from The Trump Organization and The Trump Foundation. That would be an eye opener, I’m sure.

        I’m no Marco Rubio fan, but I agree with him that it is unethical and unscrupulous to indulge in the Wikileaks propaganda and patronize their illegal hacking of American’s private communications. Today it’s the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Tomorrow it’s the RNC and their leadership.


      • I know, you’d think, listening to the rhetoric, Clinton had been actually sending data to Beijing!

        She should have killed the story right at the beginning, saying: “Yep, I did, I shouldn’t have, but hey, as President I’m not even allowed to have an email address, let alone a computer with internet connection, problem solved, so fuck you all” 🙂


      • “She should have killed the story right at the beginning, saying: “Yep, I did, I shouldn’t have, but hey, as President I’m not even allowed to have an email address, let alone a computer with internet connection, problem solved, so fuck you all”

        She basically did that, except she tried to minimize it by calling it a ‘mistake’. That’s not good enough for the GOP. They’ve been looking for a reason to burn her at the stake since she was First Lady.

        An ambitious man is just being a man. An ambitious woman is suspect.

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  3. You know what’s utterly absurd?

    I was watching a focus group of millennials discussing this this morning. One very young, very white, woman said she couldn’t vote for Hillary because she can’t support a liar so she’s supporting Trump. What? It’s been fact checked over and over. He lies, on average, every three minutes. And he talks a lot. So that’s a lot of lies. If you can’t support a liar what the hell are you doing supporting Trump?

    The next thing that came, from yet another privileged white woman, was that Trump hasn’t divided the nation, that it isn’t his policies nor his rhetoric that are a problem, that we really need to look at the last eight years and determine that race relations have degraded under Obama’s administration because he hasn’t done anything for black people. He is the cause of the racial problems we are now experiencing. All the white people shook their heads in agreement. All the black people looked on with their mouths agape.

    I was so proud of the young black man who took the microphone and schooled her in American History and about the racial disparity and divide that has always existed in this country. It is just that Donald Trump has given all the racist white people permission to spew their hatred instead of keeping it closeted or saying it in code.

    I keep seeing a meme in my social media newsfeed that says, “Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday, and don’t forget not to set the country back 50 years on Tuesday.” Donald Trump supporters are posting it. I don’t think it means what they think it means.

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      • I really haven’t a clue. I pay hardly any attention to SA politics. I mean with a Giant Nob of a President like Jacob Zuma would you be drooling over his every word? Any word?

        They say a country gets the leader it deserves.
        Nuf said I reckon.


      • I knew what you meant. For Canadians, though, it’s difficult to ignore American politics. As one of our more flamboyant PM’s once said about the States:
        “Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is affected by every twitch and grunt.” Pierre Trudeau


      • On some level it is easy to compare Trump to Zuma.
        Both are idiots, liars, had/have a rape charge against them, and Zuma is as corrupt as the day is long.
        A Class A Wanker of note.
        And yet he is still in office?
        Go figure.
        I simply switched off and refuse to pay him or the guvmunt any more attention.
        No doubt John Z will tell me if and when a new president is sworn in as he keeps abreast of SA Politics more than I ever will.


    • Several of us commenting here are from the Deep South. There is strong support for Trump here. It’s all I hear all the day long. I have literally seen just one Hillary Clinton bumper sticker. No signs for her. Only Trump.

      I see loads and loads of ‘Hillary for Prison’ signs and the like.


      • Interesting.
        Much like the more rural areas here and the support for the ANC.
        I truly wonder what makes these people tick that they do not learn from past experience and simply cannot see through the lies of such arseholes.

        When have they ever fulfilled promises?
        If Trump gets in don’t be surprised if he doesn’t go hell for leather in favour of oil issues, frakking etc and the US isn’t embroiled in more overseas oil related conflict before you can say Fark Alternate Energy

        Nothing like a good ol’ war to stir up a bit of Patriotism …. y’all.

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      • I truly wonder what makes these people tick that they do not learn from past experience…”

        Greed and White Nationalism?

        The South’s gonna rise again!!!


      • Amazing how this mentality still survives, isn’t it?
        But you will find a core of that in every country, I’m sure.
        However, in South Africa the die hard extreme White is Right Afrikaner mentality appears all but gone.
        We even had a law preventing the public display of the old regime’s flags. Worked too!

        Now we have the seemingly anti- colonial (read anti-whitish) young guns and the occasional black politician who still insists the government’s shortcomings can all be blamed on The Apartheid Regime .

        If I was the US Pres I would let these Dickheads cede from the Union!


    • Honestly, the concern is mostly drawn from the implications of his victory. In order for him to win, it would take massive amounts of reasonable people to stay home. Theoretically anything’s possible, but the actual chances of that are slim.

      I’m saying this despite the tendency to post alarmist articles everywhere. Trump ended up becoming a candidate, and it was predicted by polls. Polls predict Clinton will win.

      It will only be a surprise to people who prefer to make up their facts instead of finding real ones.


  4. “I can’t ignore the fact that part of it is because she’s a woman.” Absolutely! And unfortunately, if she does get elected and the conservatives retain control of Congress, we’ll hear the same old refrain about the “do-nothing” (woman) president that we’ve heard about the current (black) president … which, we know is because they’ve managed to block just about everything he’s tried to do.

    As Jeff (inspiredbythedivine1) wrote on my blog: “We’re white guys with cash, and we only like other white guys with cash.”

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  5. Last night at a Trump rally in North Carolina:

    Trump: “When I look at these great admirals and these great generals and these great Medal of Honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss? I don’t think so.”


  6. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Very well said! I wish everyone could read and understand this. I have tried to engage anti-clinton people. I ask them why they dislike her. The answers I always get are the disproved and debunked lies of the far right. The misleading stuff they hear on Fox News. When I point out facts, they don’t want to hear it. When I offer proof they won’t even look at it. They simply dismiss it, wouldn’t even engage on it. As soon as their narrative is not agreed with they close down. It is a very sad commentary on our country. This is what we get when we make thinking a crime in our country, when education is under attack as somehow wrong. I have just been listening to some of the Trump supporters who “want their country back” and it is clear what they want is a majority white country. They talk of taking the country back to “the good old days” when they were young and the country was only one language and there was less “brown influence”. They talk constantly of how the country is changing and on the wrong track, we are losing our culture, and all the other code words. A lot of this is fear from white christians that they won’t be the majority any moore. That they won’t get to oppress others as they have been allowed to in the past. No they don’t want to have to accept gay people, same sex marriage, hearing different languages, seeing anything not christian displayed on government lands, the stopping of taxpayer money given to churches, the not enforcing christianity in schools, the having to accept other religions prayers at government meetings, clubs in schools that have christian clubs that are not supportive of the accepted christian viewpoint. Thirty years of investigations have not found one charge against the clintons that has resulted in criminal prosecution. No charges in any court. Yet according to these people she is guilty, proven and convicted, guilty they know it. So very sad. Hugs

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  7. “That said, I can’t ignore the fact that part of it is because she’s a woman.”
    Not in part, it’s MOSTLY because she’s a woman, a confident, powerful, smart woman. Can’t have that, now can we? Hell, that would be almost as bad as having a black man as president. Almost. The spinelessness of right-wingers not to admit this is what makes me hate them the most. Christ, if you’re gonna be a bigoted piece of shit and fear and hate everything and everyone not like you, admit that. Don’t friggin’ spin idiotic tales about emails and charitable foundations and then say, “Oh, THAT’S why I hate this woman: she’s a diabolical, convicted felon who eats puppies, live, every night.” Scumbags! The lot of ’em. I pray to Casper the Friendly Ghost that tRump does not win. Ideally he gets beat soundly. The media feeds this tRump obsession with its sensationalized headlines and predetermined conviction that Clinton has been found guilty of severe crimes against humanity dozens of times when it simply is not true. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of tRump, I want this over, and for tRump to be defeated. Please!

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  8. How is Hillary qualified to being the president of the US.

    Do you have any idea of the crimes she’s committed

    Better yet,

    Name me one accomplishment that Hillary has done while being Secretary of State?


    • 1. She spearheaded sanctions against Iran to force them to strike a deal with us.

      2. She oversaw a net 50% increase in exports to China through trade deals, which helped us get out of our recession.

      3. She provided the groundwork to normalize relations with Cuba.

      4. She managed foreign relations well enough that we didn’t get into any extra ground wars.

      I’m sure I can find more examples if four aren’t enough.


      • Yeah we have Iran a communist nation over a 1.3 billion dollars. And you know where that money comes from? Your tax dollars.

        2. Trade deals? Our unemployment is probably at 20 or 25%. Did you know we’ve established something called free trade. We get no money from exports or imports. That’s why we’re losing all our jobs to other nations
        3. I’m Cuban and seeing him praise Raul like it was his father was ridiculous. All he does is look up to communist leaders since the 1st day he was in office.

        4. Lmao that were not in any wars? Have you ever heard of ISIS? Theres a foreign war as we speak.

        You’re completely clueless with everything that’s happening in the world. It’s sad


      • LOL

        You are precious. You asked me for things that Ms. Clinton has accomplished, not things she’s accomplished that you agree with. It’s fine if you don’t like her. Based on your comment here and previously, you’re not dealing with facts. For example:

        1. Iran isn’t communist. It’s a theocratic-republican hybrid. Look it up.

        2. Our unemployment rate is not whatever range you’ve stated. You made that number up.

        3. We’re talking about Clinton and not Obama. You might not like the Cuban government, and you might have doubts that normalizing relations with that government will actually help us influence their human rights abuses. That’s a fair criticism.

        4. ISIS didn’t exist until after Clinton stopped being Secretary of State. In fact, if she’d had her way, we would have intervened in Syria and crushed the terrorist movement that coalesced into ISIS.

        Finally, I have rules for commenting on this blog. Spreading conspiracy theories and speculation might be fine in other parts of the Internet, but it’s not welcome here.

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      • It’s really not about credibility. There have been people who have said some awful and questionable things on my blog over the past couple years, and they haven’t had to worry. Really, it’s about preventing people from trolling my posts. I don’t know if this guy is serious or if he’s actually believing what he’s writing. In the end, it doesn’t matter.


      • What is your definition of “mainstream media”?

        My answer to your second question would no doubt offend you so it’s probably best I don’t answer. Instead, I invite you to visit my blog and read some of the things I’ve written about this election. The most recent one can be found here. You’ll find links to others if you’re interested.


  9. I absolutely love this post. Sexism in politics is definitely real, and I do agree that a LOT of people overlooked that Secretary Clinton was the most qualified candidate there. Trump promised a lot of people a lot of things that he couldn’t actually do, yet people fell for it.

    We have to move on from this election. It’s time to make sure that our rights are still taken into account, and that minorities continue to fight like their life depends on it because, at this point, they actually do.

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