This is the word that’s swimming through my head right now. It describes how I’ve been feeling for a long time. Most of the time, I’ve been fortunate that it’s just directed at the self. But there are times when that feeling extends outwards. Like tonight.

We’re a species that thrives on conflict, carnage, and coitus. Animals do it out of necessity; we do it for sport. No matter how far someone goes to violate one’s values, there will always be the option of holding one’s nose. Yeah it stinks, but holding onto hate will let people forget all about it. It abounds in the human race, existing like some inexorable force that pulls us towards and away from each other simultaneously.

It’s not even the vote that has me like this. It’s the excuses getting paraded around, the threats and talk and tirades that will now agitate the country anew. I wanted to be free of it, but now I see that it was never going to happen. There is still a part of me that wants to believe there will be something different, but all I see right now is the same.

Right now, it hurts to think that part of me is delusional. Despite that, I still have to face it.

7 thoughts on “Misanthropy

  1. Weltschmerz is also a good word right now.

    But let’s give him a chance. Now the GOP has to put its money where it’s mouth has been a long time. Now they have no more excuses; they have all the cards. Now we’ll see what they’ve got.

    We’ll have a chance in two years to change some things, and we can always kick him out in four. And if things really go south, impeachment.

    Both parties are gonna have to do some soul-searching now, and one of them is gonna have to show they aren’t as utterly useless as they’ve seemed to be the last eight years!


  2. This year has sure brought out the barely hidden hates, ill wishes, anger, and wanting to dominate those different. I have never seen such open racist comments and actions. I thought as a gay man we were past the point of hateful violence against us in the this country and were only down to trying to get equal rights. However this election has shown me the country has a large portion of people who still feel the need to be superior to others and to deny others the rights and respect they themselves want and hold. Hugs

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    • I don’t want to minimize what’s already transpired this past election, but I do think that there are positive facts that people shouldn’t forget. Younger people were more likely to reject Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, and Ms. Clinton still won the popular vote despite lower voter turnout.

      I think the facts will show that the people who were attracted by the hateful messages are fewer in number than those who want to do better for others. It’s just going to take me some time to go through the information and make sense of it.

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