Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, so it means that I’ve got stuff to do with people. Invariably, it means driving past a church with a sign declaring Christ being put back in Christmas, or declaring national fealty to a deity. As always, it reminds me of this classic Christmas song:

Fortunately, there will be more people who are festive rather than combative. There will be plenty of lights, decorations, and colorful displays to celebrate togetherness and making it through a rough year. These will definitely brighten my spirits, as I’ll try to enjoy this evening and tomorrow quietly.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. As I have said S.B you are a grand and worthy person. Please divorce your self worth from this egomaniacal festival. When you think of it that is what the holiday has become. Ego driven. I get my husband a better tool, I get my kids more gifts, or I get my kids more expensive gifts. I read online that people are starting to put stuff on layaway as early as February…. for christmas.

    No this holiday has nothing to do with your self worth, Your worth is far beyond that. Be well, be safe, be happy, and know you are liked, you are in fact loved. Hugs

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