Belated Holiday Wishes

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Sometimes, my holidays are festive like the above picture suggests. There are ornaments, cheerful tidings, and bright displays abounding in proper end-of-year ceremony. Those years are kind of fun, because they provide a fitting end for a year, a chance to have a proper perspective on things. But sometimes, my holiday spirit is lacking.

Image from Pinterest.

Image from Pinterest.

Besides this being a horrible year for celebrities dying (I mean, FFS 2016, knock it off), I’ve been dealing with an extended melancholy in general. Dealing with it has been tiring, and so I’ve slacked off from other things. Ever since I figured out how to look at my blog stats, I can almost measure my mood based on posts per month. If I measure it in that manner, then I’ve been struggling with this for about 8 months (perhaps even a full year).

I mention all of this to point out that I’ve been incredibly derelict in wishing other people well, and specifically averse to actually getting back to people in comments. This isn’t because I’m not around anymore; it’s because I’m just going through rough mental waters. Fortunately, I can do something about the former right now.

Happy Holidays to everyone this year (what little left we have of it). More importantly, the new year is coming up soon, so maybe we all can earn a reprieve from 2016. It can fade away into the history books, and maybe 2017 will have better things in store.

8 thoughts on “Belated Holiday Wishes

    • I didn’t have to go to any services, praise be to Smergie. I was also mildly surprised at first to see fewer signs this year demanding people swear fealty to Jesus. It kind of reminds me of how things calmed down after Bush got elected in 2000.

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  1. Hello S.B. I am sorry for the year you had and the way it has been for you. I hope the next year is better. I wish you all the possible positive happenings in the 2017. We will be here when you feel up to dealing with the things you mention again. Hugs

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  2. Yeah, I did a post yesterday about what a crap year this has been. Losing Debbie Reynolds’ daughter immediately followed by losing Princess Leia’s mom. And R2D2. Not to mention Professor Snape and Mrs. Brady. Or Patty Duke. Or Prince. Or both Greg Lake and Keith Emerson, plus Glen Frey, Merle Haggard, and, oh, my god, Leonard Cohen.

    Crap, crap, crap, and everything else. Hang in there, man, some serious stressors in the world these days. Rail against the forces of darkness!

    Be well, and reset the clock, take a breath, and let’s see what comes next. We live in “interesting times”… Happy New Year!

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