Flu and Keeping Up With Meds

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This Wednesday night I got slammed by a flu virus that a family member brought home. Today I’m doing well enough that I can write something. As I’ve been typing, I realized that I wasn’t able to take my meds the past couple of days. For some people, this might not seem like a big deal, but for me, it’s pretty worrisome.

My meds are my chemical tethers to reality. Without them, some pretty bad stuff happens inside my head. Unfortunately, I’m not able to afford flu shots or health insurance, so I’m not able to take reasonable precautions to avoid severe illnesses. This means that whenever I get a flu virus or some other terrible disease, I’m not able to take my crazy pills.

Thinking about this state of affairs isn’t healthy for me. I’m tired of this state of affairs. And I just want out.

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  1. Hang in there buddy. I hope you figure this thing out. At least you can express yourself here. And that’s good. Here in Washington we just lost a D1 QB to suicide. Everyone expected his contagious smile and winning ways to continue on. His depression he had to hide. It was devastating. Please get some help if you need it. Keep writing!


  2. I hope your last statement sounds more ominous than it really is!

    PLEASE! Don’t do anything drastic. We want you.We need you. You are a godsend to many who suffer similarly because you put into words the feelings and emotions they themselves are experiencing. And, most importantly, you let them know they are not alone.

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  3. S.B. you are doing everyone a great service when you remind us of things like this. We need to be reminded and be aware of the failures of our current healthcare system so we can work to fix it. I hope you post angers others as it does me. No one should be with our preventive care due to lack of funds. As you so well point out it is for the common good that healthcare be available, especially to those who can not afford it if it is not provided. Thank you, I hope you get well without difficulties. Do take care, this flu is a nasty thing. Hugs


  4. Please get your flu shots. You can get them for as little as 20.00 at local grocery stores. Some areas provide them for free. Unfortunately, some idiots who CAN get flu shots refuse to get them because of anti-science fear mongering regarding autism, etc. As a result they get the flu and pass it on to those who are vulnerable or are not able to get it.

    But take a look because you can get a flu shot without insurance between 14.00 – 40 at grocery stores if you look around. I’m sorry you’re having problems affording your meds. Nobody in this country should EVER have to utter the words you said.

    I made a post relating to our embarrassing healthcare system not so long ago in my blog.


    Please don’t give up. Get angry. Unite with those of us who care and help us to vote and replace the scum sitting in congress to replace our system or nothing will change. We need people like you alive because we need your voice. They don’t care if you die because dead people can’t speak up.

    https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ 1-800-273-8255


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  5. I know what you mean by tired. Sometimes (most of the time, to be honest) I feel like I’m living on a tightrope. I think I only really feel peaceful in the small window of grogginess between waking up and when thoughts begin.


  6. This sounds like dire straights to me. A flu shot around here is about $30 retail at local pharmacies. Considering the repercussions from getting sick, it seems like a bargain at that price. Of course, I have the thirty dollars, so it is easy for me to say and do. Have you no support system (friends, family, ???)?

    I recently had a grandniece flying at a young age to Europe and I got a call from her mother than she was going to need some help making a plane change in the city in which I reside. I spent about eight hours at the airport (and walked I don’t know how many miles through the danged thing, and twenty dollars for parking) to make sure she made her connection, because … family. I wasn’t what you call “glad to do it,” but I was glad I was able to help. Have you no help?


  7. this post reminded me, I haven’t been keeping up with my meds for the past two days. Need to get on to that. I hope the flu was not too severe and that you got better quickly from it. xoxo

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