Easter & April 1st 2018

To everyone celebrating the holidays today, I wish you all a happy Easter and April Fool’s Day. Google has something nice going on with Waldo of Where’s Waldo fame (at least, here in the US). Extra bonus points if you can find the dog’s tail on map 4. I’d found everything else, even on the secret map.

Whether you’re finding Waldo, looking for Easter eggs, or celebrating anything in any other capacity, I hope today goes well for you. Personally, I think today’s as good a day as any to indulge in some sweets. Sadly, I don’t have the stuff for making cookies. Otherwise, I might give these gems a try:

Image source: Tornado Alley Atheists.

17 thoughts on “Easter & April 1st 2018

  1. HA! Have been playing the Waldo game you mentioned and I too am unable to find the dog’s tail on Map 4. Did you ever find it?

    Also, I got notice that the “secret” map was unlocked when I was playing Map 5, but when I checked, it’s still “locked.” I thought maybe I needed to complete Map 4 before it would open but from what you wrote, apparently not?

    BTW, thanks for mentioning this. Fun on Easter Egg day!

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  2. My daughter calls today Zombie Jesus Day and gets pissed off when it falls on her birthday cuz almost everything is closed and it spoils her fun. I love that today is April Fools Day as well, and I’m happy that I don’t have to celebrate with them in their church anymore. I grew up Evangelical and wasted YEARS of Sundays. Gods, it’s great to be free!

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