Therapy Didn’t Go Well

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

I was in my therapist’s office earlier this week, and I started talking about that trip to my old church a few weeks back. Seeing some bible quotes on the wall made it a little awkward, and my therapist was trying to get at my generic depression and anxiety issues. Eventually I had to stop talking about it, because I didn’t want to broach the subject of what exactly disturbed me.

I don’t have a choice in selection of therapists, and this one has generally been fine with regards to my other issues. If I’d described my time in the faith as a cult instead of a mainstream religion, maybe I’d be able to get more use out of therapy. As it stands, I’m not sure that recovering from faith is anything my therapist is capable of handling. It would involve talking about what I believed without letting it drive at her beliefs, and that’s something that is exceptionally difficult even under the best of circumstances.

Fortunately, the RFR group I was mentioning looks like it will be having its first meeting soon. Being able to go to that will (hopefully) provide me an outlet that I need.