Why Kavanaugh Shouldn’t Be Nominated

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For those people who don’t know who Brett Kavanaugh is, he’s Trump’s nomination to fill a U.S. Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Kennedy. He’s expected to be quite conservative if confirmed, which would make the Court as a whole shift more to the political right on decisions. Also, he’s been accused of sexual misconduct – something he initially denied happened during committee testimony. Only one of his accusers has testified before the Judiciary Committee. Her testimony is something most of the country watched yesterday.

That last part’s very important.
This whole process is symbolic of the disconnect between the Republican Party, its shift to the extreme, reactionary right, and the views of future voters. Right now there’s polling data about public opinion on this issue, and it slightly disfavors Kavanaugh. At the least, Kavanaugh is potentially galvanizing the more people believe Dr. Ford’s accusations against him. So why is the committee still bent on pushing the nomination through?

Timing is one issue. If Kavanaugh gets his nomination pulled, his successor would have to get confirmed in record time during a lame duck session. This is something the Democrats could score political points on, especially if they won back the House of Representatives. Most likely, it would kill any nomination getting confirmed before a new Congress gets installed, and that’s a risk for Republicans.

All of this doesn’t take into account how the voting public views all of this. A majority of people do not want Kavanaugh if they think Dr. Ford is right. So, the Democrats could turn her accusations into a campaign issue that could go viral just like the #MeToo movement. Democrats would also rightfully be able to point out how the GOP doesn’t seem to have made any advances in treating women since the Anita Hill hearing almost 30 years ago. It speaks for itself that the GOP doesn’t like women.

It’s also tone deaf to younger voters. Republicans are becoming a byword for people under 40 as untrustworthy and out of touch with reality. Their platforms often run on scaring people or irrelevant issues. Where I live, GOP candidates talk about belief in their invisible sky wizard friend more than their stances on climate change. I can’t get policy statements from candidates, because their voters don’t care about them.

No matter what, the Democrats win here.
I don’t think the GOP understands how bad a position they’re in. If you go to Five Thirty Eight’s site, you can find that the Democrats already have a roughly 4 out of 5 chance of getting the House. Their chances for the Senate will improve too, especially if there’s a galvanizing issue which gets even more voters to the polls. This could happen even if Kavanaugh gets voted on without confirmation, since it would still be seen as GOP support for a guy who allegedly attempted to rape a woman in high school.

The saddest thing here is that all of this is happening because a group of people isn’t facing facts. Like I alluded to earlier, the GOP base has refused to admit the existence of important issues. That denial can only go so far before conservatives are forced to actually pull their heads out of the sand. And really it’s only happening because it’s easier to get votes living in denial.

For the record, I believe Dr. Ford – and it damns the GOP.
The reason why I didn’t watch the streaming of proceedings is that I don’t have any reason to not believe Dr. Ford. She’s not making claims that couldn’t have happened, she’s shown evidence of her struggling with this before the nomination was an issue, and that evidence is from a disinterested third party. Or, in other terms, there’s no way there could have been an agenda because the agenda didn’t exist when the evidence was created.

And if Dr. Ford’s allegations are true, it also means Kavanaugh perjured himself when he initially denied the allegations. Lying under oath is a bad thing. It’s evidence that can get used against you in court for the rest of your life. Even convictions for murder can’t get used against you like that. This guy is wanting to determine judicial policy for the next several decades, and he can’t be bothered to tell the truth? And what does it say about a party willing to tie themselves to him?

And I wonder what this says about the world we live in.
I don’t know if I like living in a world where a liar can judge others and the person he attempted to rape gets vilified. Every single value Americans holds dear gets violated. It reminds me of the hypocrisy of our political system, and the pointless pursuits of meaningless political advantage. At the end of the day, Dr. Ford should have gotten her chance to return the favor to Kavanaugh for what he tried to do. While it wouldn’t have been justice, it would at least have been a consolation.

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  1. Thank you for that, Sirius. And thank you for that one sentence – “It speaks for itself that the GOP doesn’t like women.” I’m glad you see the obvious.

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  2. If Kavanaugh gets in there, it will be such a blow to women, who watched Anita Hill equally ignored over 20 years ago, not to mention what he might do on the supreme court to women’s rights. This guy honestly makes Scalia look like a liberal (almost). The fact that $200,000 in debt were magically paid off for him just before his nomination also makes him look fishy as hell. The standards for people filling important positions in this country are so low, that it’s hard to imagine it being even possible to tarnish Republican image anymore than it has. Especially since that tarnished image seems to be the very thing that Republican base likes.

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  3. You guys are you saying it’s OK to convict a person just based on an accusation? This means the end of our justice system. The only reason I don’t support MS Ford is because she has provided no evidence other than an accusation. With all this national news about this party, one might think that someone might be able to come forward and corroborated her story at least about the party. But she has no evidence guys. If this was your husband, son or even a friend and someone accused them without evidence, but were put in jail anyway, is that justice. I am upset with the process and if you think this process is OK, then we are fully out of hope for the justice. Because it won’t be long until we are victims of baseless accusations. Then, and only then will the reality of today maybe become evident to you. I hope we don’t lose justice – but so far we are. If you can show me the evidence I am with you. I can’t say it enough, we have to provide adequate evidence regardless of we like the political party or the person or their work. God Bless us.


    • If the person who was attacked by a drunken guy at a party were your daughter, would you feel the same way? Would you doubt “the evidence”?

      Women who are sexually abused/attacked find it extremely difficult to share their experience. If you didn’t see that in Dr. Ford’s testimony, then you are blinded by your desire to discount her accusation. Further, the fact that this particular male is being considered for a position that may very well affect women’s rights for years to come played a major role in why Dr. Ford came forward.

      Naturally, some people (yourself included) are going to claim it’s a “he said-she said” situation. But when one considers the measured testimony of Dr. Ford (even though it was obvious she was struggling) and the overly-emotional response by Kavanaugh (a man who is vying for a position that requires calm, balanced, and objective decision-making), then it seems readily apparent who was telling the truth.

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      • I am empathetic, but we cannot convict without evidence and there is none, less than. No friend has even come forward to even corroborate the fact the party even took place. If your husband or son or someone close to you got convicted for the same. At an event and time and place that cannot be named. How would you feel. It’s just unfair to accuse and convict with empathy. If he did it. Ok, but with evidence, but not just because we want him to be guilty. She could be mista5, I understand it happens all the time. God Bless.


      • Hopefully the FBI will be able to sort things out … and the Kavanaugh supporting senators will be able to make an informed decision rather than a political one.


      • And they would have already had that information if the committee did not play politics already. It sure seems like if the committee cared about the truth they would of conducted the FBI investigation immediately. And, I am told if she took the evidence she has, which is none, to the police it would never get anywhere because there is nothing to go on. If it some how is true, than he should go down. I was shocked about Bill Cosby, but there were many, many woman supporting the same story. One more question, before Bill Clinton was president, he was accused by 12 woman of sexual abuse or harassment, the never got investigated, where we’re all you woman supporting Ms Ford then?


      • I’m curious … what kind of evidence would satisfy you? Unless you are the one who suffered the near-rape, the memory of the “party” would undoubtedly be hazy, if not totally absent, so corroborating testimony from others would be difficult to obtain. One of Kavanaugh’s male friends has already declined (no surprise) and I find it doubtful any others will step forward.


      • Any evidence than simply an accusation. The Democrats have made it clear they will stop at nothing to stop Kavanaugh’s nomination. And hoe they have handled this entire process makes it suspicious to me. And then to have her come forward without even her own friends remembering an event. You got to believe everyone in the country is aware of the situation and if someone could add anything the haven’t. Kavanaugh cannot adequately defend himself because there are no details. No matter how much empathy we have for the victim we have to agree the ti.ing and evidence is suspicious and weak. Maybe the FBI will find something, it’s going to be only his 6th one. God Bless


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