Still No Crazy Pills

I’m less than a month out from meeting a new head doctor for the first time. After that meeting, I might get a prescription for new crazy pills. Then again, I might be stuck with someone who thinks I need to chew on ginseng and stand on one leg. That last thought is the kind of thinking my therapist said I should work on.

My mind’s been all over the place. It’s like an old-school farm engine that’s lost its belt. The thing spins and makes a ton of noise, but it doesn’t actually do anything.

Some progress is made in my fiction writing, whenever I can keep my head in one place long enough to write. There’s also the expressions of self-doubt and self-destruction. I can’t pick and choose which ones to listen to at the moment.

If that’s not bad enough, allergies are kicking my ass. There’s been a TON of rain here the past few weeks. The ground isn’t drying out like I need it to. Spending time outside isn’t in the cards.

My sister’s wedding is in one and a half months. Her future mother-in-law is a train wreck. Of course there’s drama. All it does is present a solid argument against weddings. Family’s springing for a wedding and party that a bunch of people they don’t like will attend. I constantly get the feeling I’m one of those people.

All this stuff’s on my mind, and then some. Most of all, I want to get my brain chemistry sorted out. Four months is a long time to be running on a tightrope without a safety net.