Changing My Perspective – I

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This is part of my therapist’s admonition that I need to change my outlook. It’s like trying to retrain my mind. I’m trying to change from seeing a glass that’s half empty to just a glass.*

So, I’m trying to think about something positive.
Right now, I’m in the middle of growing some super-hot peppers. I’ve got some Tabasco peppers coming in, along with some habañeros and white habañeros. There are plenty of ghost peppers coming in. I also have two Carolina Reapers sprouting.

The Scorpions and Santa Fe’s aren’t coming in. That’s okay. I still have plenty of seeds. The weather is getting warmer in the coming days. I’ll wait another week and try to germinate some more indoors.

This is positive for a bunch of reasons. It’s the first time I’ve tried growing peppers. They require warmer temperatures to grow. Plus, many of the seeds I got weren’t in good condition. I have something akin to a green thumb.

*This isn’t as easy as it looks. The first paragraph took under a minute to write. The middle three took 15 minutes. This disclaimer took another couple of minutes. Most of my time was spent deleting statements negating positive ones. I didn’t realize how often and quick I do this.

14 thoughts on “Changing My Perspective – I

    • I have made the mistake of using bare hands with jalapeños – it’s been enough for me to fear and respect the super hots. My intention is to roast them outdoors or indoors with the windows open. Handling the dry seeds is (relatively) safe. Still, I have gloves rated for safe handling.

      Have you cooked with any super hots before?


  1. Home grown peppers are awesome! I hope you get great pleasure from using them.

    We tried growing some at home and they were delightful, then when the plant got too big for the window sill we moved it outside. At which point some local grub or insect or snail or other spawn of evil consumed the whole thing, not just the leaves, but the bark as well. It was dead before we realised what was happening ;-(

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    • I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for things trying to eat my peppers. From what the literature says, I won’t have to worry about rodents or mammals. Birds can’t taste the hot oils in peppers, so they’re what I have to worry about.

      But there’s a hawk and at least one owl in the neighborhood, and there’s feathers all over the backyard…

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  2. Congrats, SB! I see good things happening in your life. (Did I tell you I can see the future? 😛)

    Seriously, sounds to me like you’re heading in the right direction … even if you have to work around some potholes now and again. 🙂

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  3. Keep it up SB! That means the writing as well as the pepper growing. I’m not a fan of super hot peppers or chilies, but I must confess that my most pleasurable restaurant meal was at a Thai restaurant, when I ordered a super hot dish by mistake. It was hot, painfully so, the perspiration was pouring off me in torrents, and I could scarcely speak, but it was so delicious I couldn’t stop until the bowl was empty.

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    • The tabascos and Ghost Peppers are getting away from me. I need to figure out what went wrong with my Santa Fe’s and Scorpions. They might need really warm weather.

      Also, I noticed Bolsonaro was stateside recently. It’s a shame y’all didn’t change the locks on him before he got back.


  4. I have a habit of interpreting everything through a negative lens. And when it’s not about things that are happening now, my mind is searching for negative past experiences to re-assess. There’s a book which seems simplistic and silly, but that helps me confront that process (as much as possible.) It’s called Stop Thinking, Start Living and I highly recommend you give it a spin. I know how annoying suggestions can be, so I wouldn’t be saying it unless I thought there’s actually a good chance it might help.

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