Adjusting To Bifocals

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

It’s been about 15 years since I went to an eye doctor. I used to wear glasses every day. At some point I stopped needing them to read. Somewhere along the way, my eyesight had gotten worse.

The eye doctor said I needed bifocals with a recommendation for transition lenses. On a side note, according to the sales pitch transitions are a more expensive version to do what bifocals do. The higher the price, the more of the lens you can see through. I don’t think I would have gotten them even if I had the cash. It felt like I was paying a premium so people couldn’t tell I needed two different sets of corrective lenses.

Anyways, I bought the bifocals as part of a deal. I picked them up yesterday, and now I’m trying to get used to using them. Unlike single frames, I can’t look through the whole lens at something. Basically I get to guess which lenses I’m supposed to look through. If I guess incorrectly, things will be blurry. Right now I’m using the “long distance” lenses to look at the computer while typing. The reading lenses make everything fuzzy unless I bend my neck and get close to the monitor.

This is more of a hassle than I remember when I got regular glasses. Adjusting to a new prescription has always made me a little queasy. I was ready for that. I wasn’t ready to try to guess which lens would let me see. Even worse, sometimes neither does a perfect job, so I have to figure out if I need to move closer or farther away from what I’m trying to look at. As people might guess, I found this out while trying to look at a computer screen with the glasses on.

I can’t say it’s all a bad thing. My posture while sitting at my keyboard has improved. Bifocals will eventually cut down on the headaches I was getting while trying to read. I’m bitching about these things now, just like I used to complain about my glasses when I was six years old. At some point my brain will get used to being able to see things through my right eye (it’s the one with the most problems). After that, everything else will fall into place.

In the meantime, I have to remind myself that at least I’m not wearing contacts. I tried them once, and it took me a day to swear them off for good.