Hitting The Publish Button

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That’s how many times I’ve deleted something and started a new post. Just this post. If a post has come out here in the past several years, you can bet it’s survived a dozen iterations each. It’s not that I’m not writing anything.

I’m just deleting it.

Nothing of mine will get published if I don’t keep it.

Sometimes an affirmation of purpose and intent requires a small act. In this case, it’s hitting the “publish” button. I am allowing no more deleted words. All of this has been spur of the moment. My inner Faulkner is coming out to play. How’s everyone doing? I hope y’all are doing well.

I’m doing…strange. Weird might be a more suitable word. Perhaps it’s my severe urge to move this thing to the trash. But that’s not going to happen this time.

This time, I’m going to hit “publish”.

4 thoughts on “Hitting The Publish Button

  1. I try not to draft anything but comments on line. For my posts I write them in a word processor. If I find myself wanting to change something substantial I save the old draft as “post title v1” and then rename the post “post title v2” and keep going. This way if I end up with eight versions I know it is something I struggled on and I can go back and look at v1 to see if I strayed from my original idea or actually expanded upon it. I do this with all of my writing and layout projects. A book I just laid out had fourteen prior versions before I got to “final.”


  2. I rarely delete a blog draft. However, I have many text files with drafts that I never tried to publish. There’s nothing wrong with writing up a draft and then deciding not to post.

    Writing something down can be a valuable exercise, even if nobody else gets to read it. It can be a way of clarifying thought.

    Hmm, come to think of it, I should get around to posting something on my blog.


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