Paths To Inner Peace

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Navigating anxiety and depression is difficult without working medication. So far I only have something for my anxiety. I’m not taking my Zoloft anymore, so the depression symptoms are getting stronger. It’s like the volume on an annoying voice gets turned up.

I don’t have a cure for any of it. Some days I can ignore the voice. Others I can’t. Early on in my life, I was promised the magical ability to wish it away or get it cured for good. Nobody told me I needed to get a handle on stressors, triggers, and runaway thoughts. So I’m learning as an adult what I wish I had learned as a child.

There have been a few useful things I picked up. Like worrying about what I wished was different. That’s unhealthy. I might as well wish I live in the universe where everyone rides unicorns and eats unicorn poop three times a day.

Instead, one path to inner peace is to accept the annoying voice. It wants me to react. That’s why it exists.

I also need to accept the fact that I won’t always be good at accepting my own flaws and failures. Each day is a new opportunity. The Earth spins. The sun rises. I get to try again.

In many ways, I’m aware that being a human being requires practice. It’s an art, not a science. Sometimes I’m good at it. Sometimes I’m not good at it.

That’s totally fine. Being good or bad at it is ultimately meaningless. What matters is that I practice.

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

One thought on “Paths To Inner Peace

  1. “Being good or bad at it is ultimately meaningless. What matters is that I practice.”

    Hear, hear!

    My partner started on Zoloft because of mild depression, unlike yours for sure, but then went off of it for an alternative therapy in the form of … a dog. She no longer feels depressed, although the dog is more expensive than the Zoloft prescription, it seems a healthier option.

    I mention this merely as a sign of hope that you will find something that helps you enough that you can practice good health on a daily basis.

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