New Meds, New Shenanigans

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One of the terrible things that happens when you take anxiety meds is that you get told one thing by your doctor and another by the pharmacy. I just got prescribed the generic Prozac. It’s in the same family of drugs I’ve been taking. The generic is supposed to be cheap. A family member picked it up, and was charged a higher price than I was quoted.

Luckily, I have experience with this in the past.
For whatever reason, this has only ever happened to me with mental health medications. I’m hoping it’s because I have more of a history taking them than other medications. That it happens at all is a bit of a nightmare. It can’t be unforeseen that changing the price of a depression/anxiety medication might have some ill-effects on the patient.

It took some digging, but I found out why. The 10 mg pills are way more expensive than the 20 mg pills. I was prescribed 10 mg to start with, so the pharmacy conveniently gave me the more expensive ones. Because it was a family member and not me, the pharmacy got away with the higher charge.

At least I found out what was wrong. Surprises like this aren’t great for me. They leave me wondering if I can take the medication. I used to swear up and down that I’d never take meds for mental illness, and this was one of the reasons why. I don’t want to fight with a pharmacist to get medication I need.

Things have almost gotten to the point where I feel like I’m getting defrauded. The next time I get the script filled, I’m going to chat with them personally. The pharmacist has instructions to call my doc if they have a problem filling the prescription at the right price. So far, they’ve never contacted my doc (despite her number being on the label they hand me).

And now I’m left trying to find my moment of zen in all of this.
I’m struggling to be even-minded about this experience. Because it’s happened in different locations, I can’t be sure going to a competitor and paying extra would help. At this rate, I’d like to find any pharmacy that could be reliable.

Before too long, I’ll be looking for any other pharmacy to use.

2 thoughts on “New Meds, New Shenanigans

  1. SB, does how you’re treated come from the stigma attached to mental illness, or is it laziness on the part of the pharmacists? Or something else? Do you attribute it to where you live? When it happens to me, it’s more than I can deal with, so I contact my doctor and ask him to take care of it. Is that an option for you? Is your doctor sympathetic?

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    • I don’t know. It could be anything from ineptitude to greed. It’s not where I live, because other pharmacies are at least straightforward when they can’t fill something.

      If the cash price wasn’t obscenely low, and the pharmacy wasn’t the closest one to where I live, I’d already be looking to xfer the script elsewhere.


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