Still Around, But Writing

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I’m trying to finish up a short story before the deadline hits tomorrow. It’s taken me a month to develop an idea into something that even resembles a story. I’m still not happy with it, but stress tends to make me pessimistic about everything.

Most of my time is spent resisting the urge to delete what I’ve got done and hide under a rock for a few months. That’s a good sign I’m struggling with other issues. Pessimism is something that a good deal of creatives go through, which I try to remind myself as I go through it.

Still, the story more or less is a decent one. If I had an extra month to work on it, it would have been better crafted. This puts me at a disadvantage for acceptance, which is a little disheartening.

On the plus side, I now know of this anthology publisher. So I’ll be able to get writing prompts faster and spend more time on them. I wish I could have put out two or three stories, but one is the most realistic I could have put out in short time.

At any rate, I have to stop avoiding my project and get back to it. After I finish, I don’t know what I’m going to do to celebrate it being over.

7 thoughts on “Still Around, But Writing

  1. Totally resonate with this, proud of you for coming up with something. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Everything is art. I often delete and find myself missing
    the great intention of the first original draft lol

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  2. Having consulted a good many professional writers on this issue, I find that your experience is … normal. Most writers rework their “stories” over and over, which is necessary to get a good result. But in the absence of discipline they will do this forever without end because they are never satisfied. Consequently, at some point, they must just stop and declare it done.

    Obviously if you have the services of a good editor, problems you hadn’t seen may be identified and so on, but if you do not give yourself a deadline, there will be no end to the process because you will never be completely satisfied.

    You set a deadline. If you stick to it, your experience will be just as described to me by myriad professional writers. Ta da!

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  3. Hey, SB. As a passionate part-time writer, I understand what you are going through. Especially the part you said about deleting it. But as stated above, what you’re going through is normal, and you will feel much better after you are finished.

    Also, congrats on 1.5k followers! In addition to that, I am also a little late to this post, so let me know how it went. 👍

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    • Hey there! Thanks!

      I just wrote a post about it. Since it’s a short story, the process now is “hurry up and wait.” Although, the people I’m submitting to have an ambitious timeline and want to get back to all who submitted by February. It can take longer than that sometimes.

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