Easing Into The New Year

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Yesterday I took some time away from my computer. I had submitted my short story, and I’ll receive word by mid-February at the latest. In the meantime I get to return to my longer projects.

As always after a deadline, I feel a bit spent. I finally got enough of a story that I had to get it written and proofed in a couple days. It was 5,000 words long, which is enough that some errors did go through. On the plus side, if I can get feedback on why I was rejected, then the experience pays for itself.

Dwelling on it won’t help.

Right now I’m still sticking with my horror novel. It’ll keep me busy while I wait for rejection. If I can work hard, I might even be able to finish work on my fantasy project. But, one thing at a time.

In other news, I’m looking forward to the coming year. Yes, there will be media circuses aplenty. I’m viewing it as practice to focus on positive thinking. So, I’m positive that I’m going to chip away at my books until I get something worth submitting.

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