A Cold Day

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Normally the weather is warm enough on Martin Luther King Jr. Day for me to do something outside. I’ve been stuck inside most of the time, only outside long enough to get to the car or go do my errands. The past week has been rainy, and the ground has turned into a semi-swamp. Today’s finally got some sun – but it hasn’t climbed above freezing.

This means I’m stuck building a small fire in the fireplace and trying to write something again. So far this post is the most productive I’ve been. The rest of my day has been spent trying to keep warm. For whatever reason, my hands and feet have felt colder than they normally are. I’m wondering if this is just a side effect of the Prozac.

The fire’s about dead, so I think I’m going to light another one. Wednesday it should climb above freezing long enough for the ground to thaw. But Thursday it’s looking like more rain. The way things are going, it’s looking like it’s going to be next week before I can spend some time outside.

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