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It snowed today, something I did not expect after a prior warm day. The weather’s been wonky for a couple weeks now. Lots of rain. Enough rain that it’s flooding down in Mobile (350 mi or 560 km away). All the water has to go somewhere. Turns out it wants to go to the beach as bad as I do.

So my garden plans and exercise routine have been derailed. I’ve taken to other pursuits to keep my mind occupied. I’m going to figure out how to make a torte with lady finger cookies. My plan is to use mascarpone instead of cream cheese. I also plan on making the lady fingers from scratch instead of buying them.

Because of the lack of exercise, I haven’t been writing as much. It’s hard for me to keep a good mood. I neglected to talk with my doctor about this yesterday.

Still, all is not bad news. I am going to have a plethora of tomatoes this year if/when the garden dries out and thaws. There will be enough for salsa, pasta, and sandwiches. At some point I’m going to figure out more uses for them. I like fresh tomatoes.

I’ve also been working on perfecting a vegan pasta sauce. Right now bell peppers and mushrooms add volume to the sauce. There’s no need for me to add meat to it, which is nice. At some point I will debate trying to add spice to it. This might change depending upon my mood.

I can’t wait for the weather to dry out a little so I can go walking again. Maybe my writing will pick back up when my mood improves. It just sucks depending on the weather to change so I can do stuff for my mental health.

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  1. There is no snow here. This is extremely exeptional. I can not remember anything similar having ever happened before (but I have, at times, lived elswhere, so my memory is not the ultimate arbitor of wether it has happened during my lifetime). We should have had snow two months ago – latest – but even though it rained a little snow in december, it melted right away. There is snow in most parts of the country, but here in the south of Finland (at the same altitude as southern tip of Greenland), where I live, no snow at all. I haven’t been able to go cross country skiing, wich is annoying.

    One good thing this terrible and strange weather has resulted in, is that the local “climate change sceptics” have all gone silent. They have trouble understanding the difference between a climate and the weather, so I guess that’s why.

    You have your own garden, wow! I have been planning on growing tomatoes on my balcony, but haven’t seem to have the time to get around to actually doing it.

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    • Tomatoes are very forgiving plants to grow, so they’re a great plant to start with if you’re thinking about growing your own stuff. It’s also why I’m growing them. Just make sure if you do grow some, to have something to prop up the plants with. Tomatoes can weigh down the vines if they grow big enough.

      It’s a shame that the weather has to change drastically for people to finally admit climate change is a thing. At least people are starting to get the picture.

      I hope you’re able to get some snow and enjoy some skiing!


  2. Snow every other day here in Metro Denver, and very cold. My mental health is suffering and my dog has cabin fever. We’ve both put on a couple of pounds waiting for walking weather. There’s a treadmill in the clubhouse, but I’d rather drive a stake in my eye. Did you know that “The treadmill was a method of punishment in the Victorian era.”? I’ve taken to rapidly pacing through my condo from the front door to the back of my bedroom like a caged lioness. Thank the gods for Tai Chi twice a week! Hang in there, SB! And know you are not alone!

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  3. I’m fascinated hearing people here talk of what the weather is doing in their neck of the woods.
    I always get insanely happy..and occasionally even break into a rain dance, if it rains in my city in Western Australia this time of year (summer here).
    We have a similar climate to L.A.
    So..I looked outside just now and to my great joy, realised it had rained over night. it was just 2.4mm but it’s the 1st for the month and brings our grand total to 7mm for 2020!
    I generally dread our summers, not just for the endless heat, but for the ever lurking risk of bushfires that leaves my stomach knotted with anxiety.
    So any rain eases that anxiety. Watching the neighbourhood birds get all excited with the rain is an added bonus.

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