I’m Voting For Bernie Tomorrow

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March 3d is going to be voting day for a bunch of states, including Alabama. As the title suggests, I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders. He’s got my vote for several reasons.

The most important reason is that he’s the candidate I’ve been able to research the most (and by extension, find out I am okay with most of his policy issues). Other candidates have made it difficult for me to research their issues. It’s bad when I have to go through several requests for cash before I can hear the sales pitch.

The next reason: Super Tuesday is going to be important. Sure, my vote won’t determine if Sanders gets the nomination. It will help shape the continuing narrative of how this election unfolds. There are also other races for me to consider, and I hope to put my support behind alternative candidates for Congress and the state legislature.

Finally, my vote for Sanders isn’t a take it or leave it offer. Sanders is the candidate I prefer the most out of everyone running. If someone else wins, I am okay with those candidates more than Trump. Considering that I don’t like Biden, Bloomberg, or Klobuchar, it says a lot.

But Sanders is a candidate that I actually like, both with his policy and his record. Yes, he has terrible soundbites like every other candidate. And yes, I understand that some people don’t like him very much. But that’s okay, because we live in a society where we get to speak our mind even if we don’t agree.

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17 thoughts on “I’m Voting For Bernie Tomorrow

    • Short answer is yes. Texas is 38 seats, and minuscule compared to the states Clinton lost in 2016. Regardless of the candidate, it boils down to turnout. Trump will radicalize his base no matter who gets the nomination. The best he can hope for is depressed turnout like with Clinton.

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  1. As an outsider..Aussie, I simply don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like Bernie, for his policies at least. Maybe I’m missing something.

    Your country needs what he has to offer, SO badly!

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    • The problem is that while Sanders could fit comfortably within right of center political parties in much of the developed world, in the US it seems many people see him as a socialist and socialism is BAD. In fact I think a great many Americans cannot differentiate between various forms of socialism and communism.

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      • Americans of a certain age were taught that socialism and communism are effectively the same thing. They grew up with nuclear weapons aimed at them. Even some people my age remember what it was like living under perceived threat of Soviet aggression.

        That paranoia has yet to wash itself out. You can see it in a bunch of American culture. It shifted from the Germans in WWII to the Soviets to terrorists and now Russians. For some reason, we have to be kept afraid of something.

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      • I remember in high school sometime in the early 1960s one of the topics of Social Studies was examination of McCarthyism and the activities of the House Committee of Un-American Activities (if I recall the name correctly). One observation of America by a fellow student was along the lines of “why do things by halves when you can do them to excess?”

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    • In U.S. politics, Sanders has been labeled “extreme left.” The designation alone is enough to get people on the political right to not listen to anything he has to say. My nation’s political discourse is weird.

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      • The claims that Bernie is ahead of his time..that the US simply isn’t ready for Democratic Socialism, make more sense to me now.

        I’ve observed over the years, from real life and online interactions, just how insular many *NOT all, Americans are when it comes to what’s happening beyond their shores.
        I guess this would also explain in part, why those simply don’t realise how well the type of policies espoused by Bernie can work if implemented wisely.

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    • I don’t know many people who’ve seen it. Reich always raises good points, although his popularity is already with people who also support Sanders. He’s just not well known outside those circles.

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      • It’s a shame. Looking at your current Super Tuesday results atm, it looks like Biden is leading.
        Why is he so popular with African Americans? Is it the Obama association maybe?
        Sad though, considering this group would benefit greatly from Bernie’s policies.


      • I’m pretty sure Biden’s leading because of his association with President Obama like you said.
        He’s being all like “I was Obama’s sidekick so if you liked Obama, you’ll like me too.”
        I honestly can’t think of any other reason that Biden would be so popular, especially considering his mental decline. Seems to me like he’s got Alzheimer’s disease.

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  2. Biden’s mental state seems a threat to me. And also it can be made to look bad that Hunter Biden had that job. Why would that company pay him so much? Was it experience, or contacts? Nudge nudge…

    So I hope they go for Bernie, even if I would have preferred Mrs Warren.

    Britain too had nuclear weapons pointed at it, but many of us found the US nukes more threatening than the Russian ones. My nearest strategic target would have seen deadly doses of radiation come towards my home on tides and winds, and it was a target specifically because of war preparations. It was indeed MAD.

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    • I initially like Warren, but in the end Sanders’s ideas were better fleshed out and more defensible than Warren’s. Sanders has a plan that I could point to and say with confidence that it will help people see a doctor.

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