My Obligatory Quarantine Post

I hope everyone is well and safe during this Great Quarantine of 2020. It looks like we’ll be at this for a while. Local cases have gone up. National cases have climbed. People are freaking out for different reasons.

On the plus side, toilet paper and milk have made it back to store shelves. Eggs haven’t been restocked, but that’s okay. For some reason people haven’t been emptying out the organic eggs, so I got some of those. I made donuts Saturday (all day). They’re delicious, though I have to keep testing to make sure that’s a true statement.

I still have yeast left over, so I’ve decided to try to make some kouign-amann. I also might make some croissants. Still, my focus is on the kouign-amann. Surprisingly, they’re simple on the ingredients. I have most of them, except maybe not enough bread dough. I didn’t check the flour aisle to see if they’d been restocked since last week.

The upshot to all of this is that if I do get the disease, then at least I’ll have eaten well before it takes me out. Or, more likely, I’ll have eaten my mistakes.

I hope people are safe during this time. Things are a little panicky for some. I’m mostly worried about others right now.

Let’s all get through this so we can complain about it afterwards.