Pleasant Musical Surprises

I recently joined the 21st Century and downloaded Spotify to broaden my musical horizons. While YouTube has been a boon to discovering new things, I can’t have it in the background and write at the same time. So far, I’ve been exploring Spotify’s electronic music selection. It hasn’t disappointed, though I wish I could afford paying to get rid of ads.

During this uncertain time, I think it’s important to find other ways to broaden my horizons. Uncertainty passes, just like certainty. I can use this time productively or not. The choice always belongs to me. It belongs to all of us. That range of choice brings me new experiences in sound that have amazed me, like discovering Ningen Isu, one of the best metal bands I’ve ever heard:

When I’m not listening to Metal Lovecraftian hymns, I’ve bounced around to more soothing sounds. Synthwave and dark synth have been nice to listen to. I’m also trying to find playlists of a radio show I used to listen to, Echoes. It was on NPR in Florida, but the station up here plays more classical than anything else.

I also have listened to a few covers. Depending on the artist, I generally prefer the original to any cover song. This has until recently been the case for any Beatles song. Then I heard Phil Collins’s cover of “Tomorrow Never Knows.” I now prefer this one to the original.

I hope everyone can be as pleasantly surprised by something new as I have been.

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