Busy Weekend

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Today I’ve been making croissant dough. It’s laminated like puff pastry – layers of dough and butter. The difference is that croissants have yeast in the dough, as well as some (frozen) butter mixed into the dough. If all goes well, by tomorrow I’ll have some homemade croissants for breakfast.

Outside of yeast and bread flour (strong flour, in applicable locations), the ingredients aren’t exotic. It just takes work to make them. I’ve been trying to limit myself to commonly available ingredients in an effort to enjoy rationing what food is available and reducing the strain on food production. Empty shelves make people nervous and all that.

I was also volunteered to barbecue this weekend. I’m fairly certain it was the product of an excuse for my dad to leave the house, something I’m unable to counsel him against. Yes, the rate of new infections is lowering. No, complacency isn’t going to help put an end to the pandemic-fueled austerity.

At least grilling will let me hang outside for a little while. I’ll be grilling ribs, something I’ve done many times before. They’re time consuming. I remember when I’d get nervous thinking about grilling ribs. Now I consider it boring. I’d be much more interested in grilling some good vegetables.

At some point, I’m going to want to make my own veggie burgers. When done right, they’re really good. My problem is that I’m the only one at my residence who’s interested in making them.

Still, if I’m able to make croissants, then at some point I should be able to make other food. My current interest is in making vegan food. The few recipes I’ve made and tried were really good.

One day, I hope to be able to make as much of that as I wish.