Using Fear To Sell Fear

Looks like the Greeks were right, too.

I kid you not, I get this flyer in the mail telling me that COVID-19 isn’t the real problem.

The real problem: the virus of sin.

Solution: your average husband and wife ministry duo. Woman smiling like the camera is a gun pointed at her. Husband looking like he’s got some oceanfront property in Switzerland he’ll practically give away. The right amount of love between the two, but not too much to overshadow their love of Jesus.

All the graphics on the flyer point to a book these people are selling. It contains all the right information. Don’t be afraid of something that’s killed people. Be afraid of the invisible thing which will fry your soul. Cue the big red letters written over graphics of fire.

My first thought: this is all in poor taste. It’s got a generic line and the home address. The whole thing is just a shot in the dark. Maybe someone at this address can be terrified more of something else than the virus going around.

That’s not the only selling point, but it’s the first one I thought about. None of the others are any better. The whole point of that flyer was to sell a book which is basically a very long sermon in print format. It takes something real that people should care about and associates something fictional with it.

Afraid of one thing? You should be more afraid of this whole other thing!

I’m tired of the fear and the worry, for myself and for others. Other people will get this flyer in the mail. They might still believe in some of it. They might be receptive to the notion that invisible sin is worse than anything else.

I want to tell those people that they don’t have to be afraid, that they don’t have to worry about the invisible stain smeared over them. I want to tell them there is no stain, no dirt which makes them less than anyone else. I want to tell them that the flyer is lying to them.

People don’t need help being afraid now. They need help resisting their fear. Life is uncertain enough without adding extra nonsense to it.