Keeping Busy

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Life has been keeping me pretty busy for the past few days. I haven’t had time to sit and write like I usually do. It’s a temporary thing. The hiatus will be worth it because I will be indirectly helping my community.

The great thing is that I’m getting to meet new people that I wouldn’t otherwise have met. There are some nice people where I live. They mean well. Although I might not agree with them on everything, their kindness is something I’ve forgotten that people have.

My problem right now is that not everyone is kind. Unkind people linger in my thoughts far longer than decent folks. Maybe it’s a product of anxiety, blowing things out of proportion. Whatever the reason, I try to remind myself that for every awful person I meet in life, there are dozens of good people out there trying their best.

I can’t be friends with all of them, nor would they want to be friends with me. That’s okay, so long as they have friends to count on.

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    • Actually, it’s self-inflicted. And ongoing. I’ll talk more about it after it’s over, which should be end of September at the latest. Suffice it to say that I’m discovering more about the people here than I ever imagined.

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