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What I’ve been doing lately has given me the opportunity to take a short trip within the state. The trip is over, and I got back home Sunday night. The meantime has been spent recovering from the journey.

Not that the trip was exhausting. Most of it was fine. It’s just that travel tends to mess with my brain chemistry, and I neglected to take my meds all the time. So my mind has been a little more active than normal.

Still, the trip was worth it. I had a few negative encounters with people. They were overshadowed by the many positive encounters. I got to help out with something important.

Part of me is frustrated that I can’t deal with stress like I used to. I have to remember that I didn’t always handle it very well. The best thing I did was smoke, but that causes its own problems that are written on each pack I purchased. This is new territory, learning how to manage something that I should have figured out three decades ago.

On a good note, I did encounter some very religious people while going around the countryside. The encounters did not cause any major problems. Much of this is because people assume I go to church, and so there’s no risk of confrontation or evangelizing. However, progress is progress. I will have to take it where I can get it.

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    • No banjos, river travel, or rapist rednecks to report. Instead you’ll see old houses that are falling apart, McMansions that will be eyesores in a couple years, and antebellum plantation houses which commemorate slavery. In that sense, Deliverance was practically rose-tinted compared to reality.

      The travel along country roads was relaxing once I was free to go where I liked. I took a rural route back to the interstate, and it was picturesque. Eventually I’d like to go back and take some pictures.

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