Taking A Hike

Photo by Artem Saranin on Pexels.com

Saturday I finally set out to hike a local trail. Everything went well. It was a little chilly, but the stuff I brought kept me warm. I met a few people along the way. The trail was wide enough for us to pass each other without having to worry about masks, though I brought one anyways.

I only went three miles before turning back. Originally I wanted to do two out and back, but I didn’t think too much about doing an extra mile. I overdid it, and by the end of my hike my legs were killing me.

In its own way, that’s a good thing. It tells me I have good shoes and socks. Otherwise, I would have had more problems than sore muscles.

The trail itself was nice. It starts out next to a residential area, going through some trees and crossing a couple of roads. I could hear a train whistle off in the distance. There were a couple of cotton fields close by, along with a beautiful clearing and a literal bubbling brook. As I went further north, the scenery was quite nice for late autumn. I hope to eventually make it further out the next time I go.

4 thoughts on “Taking A Hike

  1. I have a similar draw in a huge park right on the lake which is nearby, but I resist that allure … and shouldn’t. Instead I am parking myself, packing on pandemic pounds, which I will regret later … . Good on you, mate!

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  2. Although I love to walk, my aging body cries foul so I do very little. However, having said that, I might be much more inclined, aches and pains notwithstanding, if I had a pleasant and scenic area to travers. As it is, I have neighborhood streets. 😣

    In any case — good on you for your healthy efforts!

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  3. I am more terrified of the health effects of not getting any exercise than I am of COVID. Although I mostly bicycle on rural roads or in settings with very little potential for infection.

    My brother likes to hike, and we went on a two hour walk last weekend that was nice! a mix of suburban and California grassy hills

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