Yet Another New Therapist

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So, I’ve gone through different therapists over the last several years. The process is understandable, but it’s still jarring. I get to a point where I’ve established a rapport with a current therapist, that person leaves, and I have to start from the beginning again.

Another frustrating thing about the process is being told one thing and then being told another. My previous therapist said they’d be leaving for a short while and then coming back. Now I’m being told the change is permanent. I have to wonder why this was the case. Why couldn’t I have been told? I know it wouldn’t have changed what happened, but it would have let me prepare for it better.

Going over the same ground has left me feeling worse, not better.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another New Therapist

  1. I think each of us should be the holder of our own medical records. Had you all of the notes and whatnot from your previous sessions, you could simply share those with the new therapist and not have to backtrack. A few clarifying questions from the therapist and then you are off and running.

    Starting over from scratch is brutal and not to be recommended. Currently we can have our previous doctor or previous dentist forward their records. Why not in your case?

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  2. There’s little doubt that counseling therapy is, to put it mildly, stressful on the therapists. Yes, they schooled for it and yes, they no doubt enjoy the aspect of helping others cope with this mad, mad world of living … but nonetheless, it has to take its toll at some point. Add to that the fact we’re a mobile society and you end up in the situation you’re now facing.

    Nevertheless, sorry to hear that you must go through this … AGAIN.


  3. Sorry you’re going through this. I live in a small town and experiencing some of the things you have shared. I ha e a second visit with a new therapist next week. The one I was with for 2 years said she was quiting so I found someone else. Then I saw her post back up again but she won’t take me back . 😔 but it’s a process and I’m reminded therapists are human to.


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