Losing Weight Is Hard

Photo by Total Shape on Pexels.com

My recent hikes have been a means to an end: weight loss. I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life. It’s not gotten better as I age. While in recent months my weight hasn’t gone up, it definitely hasn’t gone down.

Depression has been an important barrier to my weight loss. It cultivates a sense of apathy towards doing things that improve my quality of life. This makes it difficult to stay motivated to do activities which could result in losing weight.

I always feel like I have to con myself into doing healthy things. Whether it’s refraining from eating that extra portion of whatever to walking an extra mile or so, I can’t plan out new courses of action to improve my health. Thus, I’m stuck trying to seize opportunities to be more active and eat fewer calories.

Still, I need to remember that I have been making better decisions for myself lately. Like quitting smoking, quitting my extra weight can’t be a permanent promise. I can only tell myself that today I’m going to be mindful of my decisions.