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The weather has interfered in my hiking plans, so I’m sitting inside today. Despite not having been on a hike in a week, I’m still making progress on weight loss. Right now, I’m at a lower weight than I’ve been in a while. My health has improved, even if only slightly.

Overall, it’s still just a drop in the bucket as far as my ultimate needs are concerned. Of course, this tends to minimize the short term gains I’ve made. Right now, I’ve succeeded at losing weight and not immediately finding it again. That’s a good thing.

Last time I hiked, I managed to do 8 miles (~13 km). My feet weren’t in good shape afterwards. I had two problematic blisters that made it hard to walk for a few days.

I think that as the weight comes off, I can reliably do longer distances. If the current trend holds, lost weight will do less overall damage to my feet, which will let me walk longer distances more often. It’s a cycle that I hope feeds into itself.

At any rate, I haven’t given up on the thought of getting a bike. I’m still figuring out what I might need. There’s a ton of advice out there, and it drowns me in choices to make. Right now, all I know is that I can’t get a road bike. A lot of people who drive out here aren’t very good at it.

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  1. I’m going to be biased towards what worked for me, but I’ll share in case it’s helpful:

    – Some entry-level Pilates can help you be more aware of your posture, which will help you take better care of your feet and other joints while you’re hiking.
    – If you’re thinking about biking, get a hybrid bike from Target or Wal-Mart to start. That way you can get into it without too much money initially. If you find you enjoy biking, after about a year or so you should have some better info about what YOU want in a bike, so you’ll be able to sort through all the information out there a little better and decide what your price point is.

    Good luck!

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  2. Good luck! My brother was heavy for years and pretty much sedentary. He always tried these weird fad diets (Keto! Carnivore! Atkins!) and developed “master plans” for his physical fitness, but they never took. He had a health scare last year, but he has now discovered hiking as well. Living in the Bay Area, he has access to acres and acres of scenic open space for him and his cute dog to discover. And it has worked!

    Myself, I am very fit for my age. I lift weights and obsessively bicycle (64 miles today, despite the 90 degree warmth!) but I also have a serious drug addiction. My drug is SUGAR. So I am not NEARLY as lean as I should be> 😦

    Anyway…the takeaway is don’t try to rigidly plan things. Find something you love to do (like my brother finally did). And that will help a great deal!

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