Bearing Fruit

Photo by lilartsy on

Despite my lack of effort outside, the backyard has had a plentiful harvest. Blueberries, blackberries, and pears have all come and gone so far this year. While I was mowing the yard, I noticed the apple trees bearing a lot of fruit. Hopefully there will be enough for an actual apple harvest.

I’d like to make something nice with them. The apples I grow aren’t as large as ones bought in the store. They’re about half the size on average, sometimes as small as large cherries. And while they’re also great fresh off the tree (they’re my snack while I mow in the late summer/early autumn), they’re the best size for cutting up and baking.

If possible, I’d like to make apple danishes or turnovers. Barring that, I could make more caramel apple compote. Or, if I get plenty of fruit, I’d probably have to make pies. Apples have always been my favorite fruit, and the different ways to eat them do give me something to look forward to.

As life returns back to normal after this COVID-induced odyssey, I hope to return outside to more yardwork. I will have blueberries to plant in the early spring, and of course more fruit to enjoy throughout the year.