What Have I Been Up To?

Photo by Velroy Fernandes on Pexels.com

Looking back on the past several months, it’s been a blur. I’ve been participating in a drug trial, and the whole process has kind of blended many events together. I’m beginning the final stretch of it in the next few weeks. Hopefully I can come out the other end with some progress.

The other day, I finally broke writing more than a thousand words for the first time since I can remember. This doesn’t mean I’m back to writing regularly. It just means some ideas finally kicked loose and I was able to type them out. I haven’t written much since then, just this and the previous blog post. Although I’m downplaying things, I feel like I should note this is still progress.

Additionally, I’ve gotten out of the house more. I saw a chiropractor to fix a literal pain in my neck. I’m trying to learn French and Ukrainian. I’m also trying to figure out how I can deal with the weight gained during the drug trial. So, I’m doing some kinds of self improvement.