I started this blog a while ago with a whole lot of other stuff on my mind. Nowadays, it’s a repository for my online fiction. I’ve written one novel, Business As Usual, which you can purchase by following the link to the purchase information above. It’s a satirical humor book, and I promise it doesn’t bite. Hard. Okay, well maybe it does.

Other than writing novels and the occasional piece of fiction, I do the occasional dabbling in horticulture (haven’t killed anything yet). I’m not a member of any writing groups right now, but I’ve recently found a plethora of wonderful writers here in Northern Alabama.

Occasionally I write about other topics relating to mental illness, Major Depressive Disorder, and General Anxiety Disorder here on my other blog, A Disquieted Mind.

Other Contact Info

If you wish to contact me outside this page, I can be reached via email at:
siriusbizinus@yahoo.com .

Twitter: @SrsBiznus

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  1. I love it! It’s great to have a fellow humanist and atheist on here, as well as a de-convert like myself. I sincerely look forward to reading more.
    I do however accept your challenge. I’ve not long finished H.G Well’s book – the time traveller. This has sparked my imagination to no end. I was watching a debate by christopher Hitchens the other day who said that by the time our sun emplodes and our oceans dry up and life on earth ceased to longer exist – well whoever is here to witness that apocalypse won’t be us any more. This idea is fascinating as it suggests mankind will evolve to something else in the millions of years we have left. I’m no writer of stories or fiction, I prefer articles and essays. That being said, would you consider writing a short piece on who or what would indeed witness the annihilation of earth and what would have happened to humans in the meantime.


    • Thanks for stopping by, and I accept your challenge! I shall post up a short fiction on this blog a week from now. Afterwards, I’ll put up a request of mine on your blog! Since you prefer non-fiction, I will be requesting something in that genre and on a subject appropriate to your blog!

      I’ve read that story too, and I am quite excited to be doing a project like this!


  2. Awesome! I just liked a very well-argumented point you made on insanitybytes piece regarding the legislation on rape on college campuses in California. I left my faith of birth years ago, and am a secular humanist. Very excited to follow your blog. Thank you.


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  4. ok, so I followed you home from Pouring My Art Out. You are really funny! I hope you don’t mind but I am gonna poke around here a little.


      • well, you clearly have a great handle on silly! You made me lol (I hate using that, but it fits) in your comments there, and I have now read some of your fiction. That is a really good story under “horror”!


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  16. The False Propheteer likes your challenge. Let’s say God created earth and mankind … the bible does not speak of other worlds God created. What would happen if God were to find out about life on other planets, planets and life he did not create. What would God think? What would God do? I am looking forward to your story.
    Keep on blogging in a free world.
    – The False Propheteer

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  18. I just wanted to pop by and thank you for your continual support on my blog. You have a great site and although I wrote much more than I get to read, I will ensure that I will make time for your posts!

    Thanks again

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  20. Interesting idea. I may want you to write on my blog on the subject “Atheism: Explaining My Position” or some sort of that, you have to explain how it feels to be an atheist in this society, how you became an atheist, about your views, you know, standard stuff. And yes, I agree to write about anything for your blog, if I can.


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