Here is a repository for any fiction I publish here. All works of fiction are copyright by the author of this blog, and no excerpts may be published elsewhere without permission of the author unless a link is provided back to the site of publication and credit to the author is given. All other rights are reserved by the author.

Sanity – Alone in a room, the occupant is thrust out of it into a disturbing new reality.

(Failed Attempts At)Humor
The Best Book Ever Written, Foreword – This is the foreword to the Best Book Ever Written. It’s by a space rock named Gus, but I’m typing it out because Gus doesn’t have hands.

The Best Book Ever Written, Chapter 1 – Gus the talking space rock dictates the first chapter of The Best Book Ever Written. It explains how the Wizzits from Whizbang are the most awesome species ever.

The Crapture, Part One – Dushawn Ironguy and H.C. Smith are on a plane where people mysteriously disappear, leaving only their crap behind. Find out what really will happen when the world comes screeching to a halt.

The Crapture, Part Two – Dushe and H.C. find a Bible, which leads them to their purpose in life. They find another friend, Salazar Thomas Rawman, and together they work to save souls before it’s too late.

Taking a Bite Out of Crime – Baxter and his human Bark-Bark-Lick take on a nefarious human, Wheezy-Cough.

Questioning Faith
Traveler – Stan Heit is a simple man living in the small town of Harmony, Alabama. A road out of town calls his name, but the other people in town tell him it’s not good for him to want to leave.

Science Fiction
Cassandra Memorandum – Winifred Montgomery is a Compliance Inspector for the Confederacy of Terran Worlds, sent to the planet Ochoia to investigate troubling rumors. What she finds is more horrific than she expected.

Terminus – A lone automaton is present at the final moments of the planet Earth. As the Sun tears the planet apart, a robot sent by the automaton fights to carry out a vital mission.

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