Rules For Comments–Please Read Before Posting

Normally I am not a fan of censoring or limiting speech, but I suppose sooner or later I would have to clearly write a set of rules for commenting on this blog. Due to recent exchanges that have taken place here, I have come up with a set of rules to facilitate an atmosphere of conversation and dialogue on comments. Violating these rules will result in a warning for some offenses, followed by the comment getting unapproved. Other violations will result in immediate removal and/or banning from posting on this site.

Please be respectful of other people. By commenting on this site you are agreeing to the rules below. These rules are subject to change, and such changes will be enforceable after they are made. Also, by commenting you agree that I hold the sole right to determine whether or not these rules have been violated.

If I have to “moderate” a comment, I shall un-approve it. I will also try to post a reply that will list which rule is the source of moderation. It is not my job to make you think it is fair, but I will try to communicate why I have made a determination if we can remain civil about it. Above all else, these rules are here to protect everyone from harmful speech.

The Rules:
(1) No slurs, epithets, or derogatory language used in a volatile or hostile manner will be allowed on this site. Use of words or phrases that are criminal in nature or that violate U.S. and Alabama state law (read: death threats or stalking) are also prohibited. Use of these words and phrases will result in the immediate takedown of any offending comments. Violators who do so a second time will be banned from commenting on this site.

(2) Comments shall deal with issues raised in the initial post and in germane comments to the post. As such, quoting from the post or anything linked in the post will be helpful. Sometimes comments do get sidetracked. I will ask you to keep it on topic if I must. Any comments after I ask to stay on topic may get moderated at my discretion.

(3) Nonresponsive answers and repeated questions shall be moderated after the second time they are given in a comment thread. I shall try to issue warnings before I have to moderate.

(4) Gaslighting and appeals to authority to avoid responding to arguments are also prohibited. I wish this didn’t have to be a rule. You will be warned before moderation.

(5) Proselytizing after being asked to stop is also prohibited. Spamming Bible verses is also prohibited.

(6) Trolling blog posts or pages on this site is prohibited. Things that fall under trolling are at my discretion, but generally they include a pattern of behavior here and elsewhere. People who troll my posts will get banned as soon as I make that determination. If you are banned for trolling, you are never, ever coming back here.

My Rules for linking to sites using “Do Not Link”
I do not believe in aiding misinformation about people. Because my blog represents my views, I take full responsibility for anything I post on it. However, I do believe that I have a responsibility to link to original material. In that spirit, I will use “Do Not Link” to refer to sites whose authors meet certain conditions:

1. The authors make illegal threats against people or espouse views that can reasonably be construed to advocate committing felonies against people.

2. The authors have received comments or attempted comments from me, and the authors express an intention to persist in false statements.

Authors taking exception to my policy can email me at:
[This post was last updated on 13 April 2017]

12 thoughts on “Rules For Comments–Please Read Before Posting

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  2. “Spamming Bible verses is also prohibited.” So that’s what you call that! I’ve always called it a drive-by bible-bangin’ and assumed it only happened to me (because I’m a heathen, don’t cha know). I had no idea it was a whole “thing” that happened to other people too.

    Just to let you know, I’ve had some enormous fun on my blog with other like-minded folks when I’ve allowed things to drift off topic, but I can see how someone might not want that. On a couple of posts I’ve had over 100 comments (mostly off topic) that were really interesting and entertaining, but you can’t sort through them all if you’re looking for comments actually related to the post. I hope you don’t have too many problem commenters…I suspect I might be starting to get a few myself (some very hostile christians).

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    • The only reason why I’ve had to make a rule about off-topic comments and Bible banging is because of hostile Christian posters. Also, because I try to keep this a safe space for people who have lost their faith, I need tools to prevent harassment by people who still think Christ died for everyone’s sins.

      “On-topic” is something I define very broadly, and really only Christian posters trying to get on a soapbox have run afoul of it.

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      • Yes, I do understand. The bible bangers are starting to discover my blog as we speak. Thus far I’ve just deleted a few comments as they were *extremely hostile*…I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to handle it in the future. It’s good to see how other people have managed it. Do you feel like your comment policy has worked?

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      • I feel like it has. I’ve only had to ban one user for racist comments, and I’ve only had to moderate a handful of comments after a handful of warnings. Then again, my blog isn’t large or anything.

        For me, I posted rules because of my legal background (I’m a sucker for rules) and because I think it’s fair notice. You don’t have to do that on your blog. If someone is getting uppity, you have every right to send his or her comments to the waste bin.

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      • **Also, because I try to keep this a safe space for people who have lost their faith, I need tools to prevent harassment by people who still think Christ died for everyone’s sins.**

        Ugh, I had to come up with rules for the same reasons 😦 Everybody is sure they’ll be the one to finally talk some sense into the seeker. I had people talking around me to doubting commenters on my site. Absolutely aggravating.

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  3. Sirius, I’ve missed you. Sorry, I haven’t read your stuff lately or commented, but I am now catching up! About commenting, I’d love for you to write about it and in the context of nasty comments and its impact on mental health. I’ve had a really negative experience recently regarding a comment that I eventually had to report the IP and fake gmail account. I am glad that you have this section and disclaimer.

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    • It’s quite alright. I went private for a while. I’m sorry that you had a negative experience with a comment. You write about such uplifting stuff that it’s difficult for me to fathom someone taking time out of their day to be mean to you.

      Still, I’m glad you’re around, and I hope you were able to deal with the offending person.

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  4. It’s your site, your posts, therefore your rules. I wish you well, and please don’t get offended by this comment, but I think you are stronger than you think. You haven’t taken your meds for a few weeks and this is to find a bench mark so that you know the effect new medication will have on you. Well done for that. I admire you and it’s such a shame that some people don’t know how to behave in civilised society. There is no need to troll on here, we all have our reasons for blogging, being criticised is never one of them.
    Anyway, please stay strong and keep blogging, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind (Dr. Seuss) keep yourself safe anyway you can and remember some of us love you regardless.


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