People Really Believe This

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Sometimes YouTube throws a random reminder of what some Christians insist on believing in the United States. Here is the latest example from their shorts feed. It’s a video mocking Nonbelievers[specifically of Christianity]. Yeah, it is what some people actually believe. And yeah, it’s a disappointing look into how some Christians hear criticism of their belief system.

For the most part, I see such reminders and move on. But I think it’s important to catalog them, so if people try to tell me that I made all this stuff up, I can point to this and say, “Nah.” I think what got my attention the most this time was how the video poster just took it as read that nonbelievers can only refer to people who don’t believe in their zombie savior. Seriously. Nonbelief isn’t just limited to Canaanite war deities and their later spinoff franchises.

It would take a while to unpack all of the silly nonsense implied in this video. From nonbelievers being shallow, self-centered egomaniacs, to the idea that there are people in the U.S. who don’t know who Jesus is, there’s a ton of aggravating stuff in such a short vid. The bottom line is these views get promoted in churches across the country. Videos like this don’t spring forth by accident. There is an audience of people who are happy in their ignorance of the people around them.

These reminders sometimes do remind me of how aggravating some people of faith can be. Hell, it makes it aggravating dealing with people who provide excuses for those people of faith. They get a pass because of deeply held beliefs, mocking what they don’t understand, walking around completely oblivious to their own failings as a moral community.

A lack of faith isn’t a moral failing, no matter how many times people repeat it.