Image courtesy of Stockvault.

I don’t meditate, but I probably should.

The problem – of course – is that I get confronted with religious treatises on the subject. I feel like I’m getting resold something that I don’t want to buy. I just want the cool stuff without any of the red tape.

ASMR is the closest thing to meditation that I do. Not the whisper stuff or the weird squishy noises stuff. Basically I throw on a Bob Ross video and contemplate the drawing as it takes shape. And before anyone snarks, Bob Ross is pretty fucking popular on the YouTubes. Fight his minions there at your own peril.

I wonder if it counts as meditation. I’m focusing on one thing at a time, listening to a single voice, tuning out the rest of the world. My thoughts are quiet. I’m interested in whether that happy little tree is going to get another happy little friend.

So close to Christmas, I’m forced to rely more and more on coping with the chaos of the season. Family issues always come out this time of year, disguised as other problems and litigated by proxy. It won’t be over until after December 25th has come and gone.

Or perhaps I’m just not festive enough.