Why Facts Matter

If you haven’t heard today, some protestors have gotten into the U.S. Capitol Building, interrupting the certification of the Electoral College results. The news is dramatic, but not surprising. In a way, one could expect this sort of thing if you lie to a bunch of people and convince them their democratic processes have been subverted.

I can’t help but note the irony of people chanting, “Stop the steal,” while trying to steal an election. The party of alleged law and order begging for relief from an unruly crowd that it brought into existence. The president of an allegedly free country lying about fraud.

The small but optimistic side of me hopes that the GOP will finally recognize this as the fruits of courting disaster for sixty years. That side is tempered by the realization that this most likely will not happen. Instead, politicians who lie to their constituents and swear fealty to a deposed leader will dodge another metaphorical bullet. With relief in their voices, they will get back to making life miserable for everyone else.

Not that anyone needs help with that. This crowd of people that stormed the Capitol did not wear protective gear in the middle of a pandemic. Just a few people can infect thousands who gathered in close to try to squeeze into the building. All those people in denial of something they can’t see, all because of whatever lame thing they read on the Internet tells them so.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in response to all of this mess going on. Politicians will call for dramatic action – there’s a rumor that members of Congress are drawing up more impeachment articles. None of that matters.

What matters is that I know people who have bought into this conspiracy theory, and there’s nothing I can say to them that will convince them otherwise. I can’t stop them before they go and do something stupid, like marching on a government building. Reality will affect them whether they like it or not.