2d Impeachment

Image courtesy of WikiMedia Commons under a CC-by-SA 2.0 license.

It’s been a few days since Trump was acquitted for his actions on January 6th. The result wasn’t a surprise. I’m still disappointed, though seeing 7 GOP senators vote to convict was better than I originally estimated.

More disappointment: the North Carolina GOP censures a GOP senator for voting to convict. The state’s problem? The whole thing was unconstitutional.

This is going to be the dog whistle moving forward. It doesn’t matter if the former President did anything right or wrong. Congress was wrong for looking into it. For trying to stand up for itself as a coequal branch of government. For, you know, acting like it’s not okay to send a mob to do violence while you’re in office.

The video that the House showed provided new information as to the nature of the riot. Everything seemed surreal. Protestors chanting anti-police slogans while waving pro-police flags. People who supported law and order on their social media platforms engaging in chaos and disorder. Infiltrators within the building demanding to know where their targets are at.

I wonder how long the GOP can remain dysfunctional and continue lying to its constituents to get votes. What happens when people realize they’ve been had? When they stop believing whatever they see on the Internet?

The result of the impeachment trial is the direct result of an organization too afraid of reality to do anything about it.