Six More Miles

Photo by Artem Saranin on

Yesterday I took the trail north for three miles, past some friendly goats and a few farms. The trail gets a little muddy at points, and occasionally branches off to share an access road or cross a farmer’s hidden drive. There are some nice bridges, including a covered one. I needed that last one because the weather turned a little rainy on the way back.

The views aren’t as scenic, but I have yet to explore the trail past the nine mile mark. I’m saving those last two miles for when I can go long distances. Even from the midway mark, it would be an eleven mile hike to the northern end of the trail and back again.

Once I am able to see the whole trail from start to finish, I worry that I won’t be able to enjoy it again. The promise of exploration is a bit of a draw to get out there. What happens when I don’t have that promise?

I’m still on the lookout for new trails and greenways to hike. I hope that I can find another long trail that would take time and effort to travel from start to finish. I just have to also remember to enjoy the one I’m currently on.