Wealth And Ignorance

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Something simple I’ve been running into a lot lately has been the confluence of wealth and ignorance. Money is to ignorance what water is to a grease fire. There’s a lot more danger and definitely a larger mess when the things mix.

I don’t know why wealth is so highly respected around the world. Yes, wealth equates to having stuff, and in that regard it’s security against the chaos of the world. But being wealthy doesn’t confer any superpowers or special abilities upon a person. It doesn’t transform people into better versions of themselves.

Like other forms of power, it just reveals the person who possesses it. Kind person? They do kind things. Monster? They do monstrous things.

Despite all that, wealth gives people a lot of benefits of a lot of doubts. It’s a social myopia. There’s a wrong conflation that more stuff equals something better. And it’s hammered into everyone’s head.

I wish there was something I could do about that.