Boring Things That Are Important

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

I’ve found lately that I think about very boring things. Things like political philosophy, economics, social dynamics, and pretty much anything that inspires calculated indifference. Part of this is because I’m a huge law nerd. Learning about how the law affects everything is like coming across some scientific theory that will create flying cars.

To me at least.

But not to other people, I’m afraid.
Granted, most of this is because there is story after story about some confrontational issue that needs to get addressed RIGHT NOW OR ELSE THE WORLD WILL BURN IN FLAMES THE SIZE OF THE LETTERS I AM TYPING. Just saying something is important isn’t enough; one has to manipulate people into believing it. Eventually people have to give up and stop listening or lose whatever’s left of their sanity.

No matter how hard I try to ignore such things, I still come back to some fundamental ideas that tickle my brain. Although I’m a cynic when it comes to human interaction (I think people can and do some terrible things to each other for no good reason), I’m also a cynic when it comes to my cynicism. Despite all the angry rhetoric over big things like gun ownership, voting, and talking in movie theaters, I can’t help but question the nature of why these things are things.

Doing so can seem presumptuous or an act of sheer hubris. Who am I to question the nature of institutions and how people do things? I’m not famous or respected for intelligence. I’m just some idiot who learned a little bit of stuff and might have read some other things. Why shouldn’t I do like others do and just accept life as it presents itself?

For whatever reason, I can’t just sit still about this stuff. Other people will find it tedious, and I readily admit that all of this is just another figment of my madness. I find it important because I enjoy unsolvable problems and Sisyphean tasks.

At any rate, I hope to post some real boring stuff up here. It’s part of who I am, and maybe it’ll give people a different perspective on whatever gets their goat. And maybe it’ll outlive me, so people who want to know me will get a chance to see I’m just as clueless as they are.