Praying To Remove Curses

The other day I saw an odd recommended video on YouTube. For those unfamiliar with the platform, content creators can make videos and then pay YouTube to have them show up in search results. Ministries can make videos and then pay to have them appear at the top when a person uses certain keywords. This particular ministry had made a video on how to remove curses from your family.

What depresses me is that I wasn’t surprised the video exists, or that a ministry would take money from people to promote such terrible content. It’s predatory on people who still believe that there’s a deity out there that can use magic to protect them from misfortune. There are people who are going to believe that bad things happening to them are the result of supernatural forces. And YouTube is happy to collect money from it all.

To be clear, this ministry was from the States. It featured a typical act that people familiar with Christian TV would recognize. Male preacher does most of the talking. Dutiful female wife provides support in front of the camera, along with asking softball questions. They both have spent lots of money on the set, the table, the bible on the table, clothes, and jewelry. Both people have that desperate look in their eyes that sometimes gets confused for compassion or friendliness.

Pro tip: no one should believe preachers on TV who can pay for their own productions. I have yet to see a husband/wife ministry that isn’t selling something awful. They don’t even want to promote spiritual growth. All they want to do is buy a bigger house.

I worry for people who might buy into the idea that they’re cursed.

For the record, this song is what I was searching for on YouTube. As you can see, I was looking for a different (NSFW) Ministry that day.