Missing Paul and So Many More

Over the course of being on WordPress, I’ve met many fantastic people who are no longer around. Regardless of the circumstances, these people have generally had a positive effect on me. I haven’t always agreed with them, but I valued what they had to say.

It’s tough missing people who are no longer around. It’s tougher when things end on a disagreement.

Last year around this time the WordPress community lost Paul Curran (the news was announced here and here). I never wrote much about it at the time because I was in shock. The last I interacted with him, I was trying to clear up a misunderstanding we had. I thought I had time to clean up my mess. I was wrong.

When tragedies happen, it makes me remember people who I’ve known. After the tragedy in Las Vegas, Paul is someone I would have chatted with. He was very thoughtful, and he felt strongly about what he had to say. He would have had something profound to say about this tragedy. I wish I knew him well enough to be able to imagine what it would have been. The only thing I can say for sure is that I would have tossed ideas around with him like I would have with anyone I met in law school.

I can’t say that for everyone I’ve ever met, but I’ve met a lot of them here on WordPress. Too many others have gone since I’ve been here. People go silent, and I worry for them. Despite the anonymity of the Internet, these people are more than the ones and zeros they broadcast to my machine. My interactions with people are just a shadow of that human potential. I feel real bad when I can’t keep up with everyone I’ve met online because of that.

With all the spread of the usual stuff surrounding a tragedy, I can’t help but notice that too often what we have gets ignored in the process. Although people are missing, I still remember them. That has to count for something. Regardless of who you are or might be, you can have a positive effect on people. It might not get attention every day, but it is crucial to how people get through their day. To spread a drop of happiness to others is priceless.

I miss Paul and everyone else that has come and gone in my life.