Planning Next Year

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

There’s some things I want to accomplish next year, starting with growing more vegetables. I’m going to start an indoor herb garden as well. Gardening is going to be good for me, since I have a better grasp how to do it. Weeding it should give me enough of an upper body workout.

I also have a digital camera, which should let me take pictures. My phone can take pictures, but the resolution is garbage on the screen. I have to get the images to my computer in order for me to tell if they’re any good. At any rate, I’ve solved the small issues of transferring pictures from the camera to my computer. Everything is up and running.

Because of all the stuff I have planned, I actually got a daily planner for it. I’m going to try to schedule out the different things I want to grow. Radishes grow surprisingly quick, while lettuce needs to get kept at a low temperature. My peppers seeds will wait until early February to start indoors, along with the tomatoes.

All the while, I intend to write more on my long fiction projects. Some of my writing group is banding together to read each other’s long projects to help get them published. So now I have a practical incentive to get my shit together and get moving. I don’t want to be the guy who kept not having stuff ready.

As it is, I’m happy about the short story I published this year. The ones I have in the works might not make deadline, but looking back on it, writing even one good short story in less than a month is a tall order. Short stories these days can’t just be good if you want to get paid. They have to be perfect.