Thanksgiving 2019

Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Mine started out eventfully. I was supposed to deep fry a turkey using an electric deep fryer. It turns out that one cannot operate an electronic device without a plug or some other access to electricity. For safety reasons, deep fryers have cords which detach easily. I had misplaced the cord. So I got to go on an adventure to find it. Luckily I found it. Thanksgiving was saved.

On the way back, I turned on the radio and listened to NPR’s Thanksgiving edition of Splendid Table. The show was running real-time help for Thanksgiving feast emergencies. I had felt that my experience was an emergency, but now I know I wasn’t anywhere near an emergency.

Someone had discovered that they needed a gluten-free dessert recipe. Sounds easy? Well, the people only had ingredients that were on hand to work with. Still too easy? The recipe had to be easy and safe enough for kids (9 and 11, IIRC) to make. What, still too easy? Alright, the oven was in use, and the only thing the caller had to work with was a narrow pizza oven. Needs something to make the whole thing even more complex? I gotcha covered. The experts on the show had to figure out what the family had on hand, and then created a gluten free apple-crisp recipe off the top of their heads.

And if you all still aren’t impressed, the kids went from refusing to do anything at the beginning of the call to fighting over making it by the end. If any of you have tried to get a human being that age to change their minds that quickly, you will know that this might have been the most difficult thing ever.

So I learned some stuff today. The Splendid Table is probably the best cooking show ever. All other so-called cooking experts are not trying hard enough.