Impeachment, 25th Amendment, Etc.

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I had a different post planned, but the news of what’s going on in Congress right now has taken front stage around the country. The House of Representatives voted on a measure to ask the Vice President to invoke the 25th Amendment, something the Vice President said he won’t go along with. Effectively, this forecloses on a measure which would allow the Executive Branch to curtail Mr. Trump’s behavior.

I tend to agree with not using the 25th Amendment. If it should be used, it should have been used already. The Amendment was supposed to allow the Cabinet to stop a rogue President from insane decisions. Regardless, the Constitutional vehicle for Congress to deal with a President is impeachment and conviction.

The House votes tomorrow (Wednesday, 13 January 2021) on new articles of impeachment. This might not be in enough time to affect Trump (a bunch of novel constitutional issues would have to get settled first). While I’m more in favor of impeachment and conviction, it might not be enough to rid our country of a dangerous adversary. The last thing anyone (except those predisposed to violence, perhaps) wants is to be surprised by a Trump candidacy in the future.

Where does that leave us? Stuck with a delusional officeholder and his enablers for another week. With Mr. Trump’s current antics, this is going to be a tense week.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to focus on some happier thoughts. Right now, our election process has held firm. There is no legal way for Mr. Trump to do anything to avoid getting kicked out of the White House. As soon as Biden takes the oath of office, Trump is a former President.