I’m Voting For Bernie Tomorrow

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March 3d is going to be voting day for a bunch of states, including Alabama. As the title suggests, I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders. He’s got my vote for several reasons.

The most important reason is that he’s the candidate I’ve been able to research the most (and by extension, find out I am okay with most of his policy issues). Other candidates have made it difficult for me to research their issues. It’s bad when I have to go through several requests for cash before I can hear the sales pitch.

The next reason: Super Tuesday is going to be important. Sure, my vote won’t determine if Sanders gets the nomination. It will help shape the continuing narrative of how this election unfolds. There are also other races for me to consider, and I hope to put my support behind alternative candidates for Congress and the state legislature.

Finally, my vote for Sanders isn’t a take it or leave it offer. Sanders is the candidate I prefer the most out of everyone running. If someone else wins, I am okay with those candidates more than Trump. Considering that I don’t like Biden, Bloomberg, or Klobuchar, it says a lot.

But Sanders is a candidate that I actually like, both with his policy and his record. Yes, he has terrible soundbites like every other candidate. And yes, I understand that some people don’t like him very much. But that’s okay, because we live in a society where we get to speak our mind even if we don’t agree.

That’s a real unicorn. From America.
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